TITAN MAFIA - A E&P USERS GROUP - NOW OPEN! (1st 25 to join have ++)

I replied earlier but I think it was too cryptic (something about lurking). So technically I think I’m number 3. :grin:


What’s this group all about ?

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Can you do my unicorn avatar from the game?

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I know what you mean, @Elpis… I was recently asked here in the forum if I was ‘Mafia’ and took it to mean the Mafia, not an alliance. I was a bit upset…

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@Wormwood - review the first post and what it has in it. Hopefully its clear. It’s about fun and helping in a nutshell!

@NPNKY - yes. Stick with the default for a bit, once the 25 are filled I’ll make sure everyone that wants a custom image gets one!!! After the 25 everyone else gets STOCK only…

@Elpis and @Witch and @GERATH

Just to clarify - I inherited TITAM MAFIA as an active and helpful leader in the team
and I was made leader. I was inspired to setup a website and of course used our name.
To me I didn’t think twice about how other people in other cultures or areas of the
United States might be offended by it. Certainly not intentional. It’s not something
that at this point I can change, money is invested and a TON AND TON of my time with
the SOLE PURPOSE to help the players out (you guys)! If I could just call up and say hay change it
to PhoenixPolarBears.com I would call right now.

There are a ton of Alliances on E&P with the “Mafia” in their title and a couple in
the forum.

@Witch I can remove you from the USERS GROUP immediately.

It’s kind of funny your name is Witch - I could go into how that is horrible - but I wont. My realative Mary Eastey wouldn’t appreciate your name…

Or how about the NOOSE around your kneck sir? You know what that means to some of us?
Suicide! Or how about the innoccent being HUNG to death because that was what man
found suitable punishment for eating some fruit from their yard?

Only here to help and support the game and the people that love playing that could use
a little assistance.

RaZoR (and ha my name as well - I took it from the cartoon series ‘Green Lantern The Animated Series’

  • this was a man that was destroyed and rage and hate motivated him…
    and LOVE (Aya) - well as it does… turned him into the greatest of the Laterns (BLUE)
  • you know on that spiritual realm!
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I guess I can find comfort that this Mafia - it’s vs the TITANs and they are a threat to ALL of US :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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i’d like to be part of the group. Already use your website and I really appreciate it. thanks

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@Kor1sco your account is ready. Please see above if you need any clarification!

As for my nick - I use it to acknowledge the millions that died innocently. We could go into a very lengthy discussion there, but we won’t. Because it has nothing to do with E&P. And yes, there are myriad names of players and alliances that will offend someone.

Would you prefer to remove me, @Razor? You decide.

No worries, i’m not so touched by it to feel somewhat offended.

Just want you to know the meaning behind that.

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@Elpis - understood. I would change it right now if that was possible without extraordinary expense, just the time it would take would end me (and I’m job hunting at the moment), already running on empty and having undo and redo everything I’ve done over the past 3 months… its a terrible thought… so I appreciate you giving me slack. Thanks buddy. Take care.

Not at all! I’m happy to have you be a part of this experience with me/us!
I’m fully aware One man cannot appease the masses, they would shred him apart.
We are buds @Witch. It’s all good. :sunglasses:


I would like to join as well!

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Sounds interesting. I’d like to check it out; I’l pick the same wabbit as my image, if there is still room in the custom image group.

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@Kikyo and @BarryWuzHere your accounts are ready!

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Kikyo. Hmmm. It looks like your name is in there 2x now. I’m sorry… I’m trying to see what happened.

I accidentally put a space in front of your name the 1st time. Sorry for the inconvenience!! Welcome to the Group!

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I want to login in here. How i can do that . Who can help me ?

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No worries! Glad I saw this post this morning :slight_smile:

Could I request an Alasie image, if it is possible? Thanks for your passion and dedication to the game!

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