Titan Loots

Hi guys,
I am bit confused here. I have a top performance in titan battle but loot I have been given is so plain. Now I am here not because I received very low loot recently but past 7 or 8 battle despite of top performance. Whereas other player who are in “B performance” getting rare ascension items! Could any one explain it to me please. By the way our team is back and forth between 5 and 6 start Titian. Also the loot I am on about is after the Titan is defeated not when it escaped.

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Check out this link in the forums. Hope it helps answer some questions :smile:


Bigger score is just a slightly better chance for loot. The result is randomly based on that. There is no guarantee that in a few fights higher get better, but in the long run they will.

There are 10 players in B tier and 1 gets A+. It is a very common outcome that the A+ players does not get loot but someone of those 10 B-players does, As the chance for loot in A+ is not over 10 times better, maybe more more like 10% better.


I got it. Many thanks Arien.

Very helpful .Thank you very much.

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One more thing, it’s the loot tier that matters, not the letter grade. If you get A+ on a 5* or B on a 7* you’re at the same loot tier (I think).


I am sorry for being va trouble but how am I supposed to know what tier loots will i be receiving.

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It says tier on the reward screen

My bad for not making myself clear. What I mean is there any way what loot tier am I going to receive beforehand rather than reward screen.

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Yes based on star level and your place in alliance and kill or escaped. I believe 1st (a+) is plus 3, a level plus 3, b level plus 1 for kills. I may be off someone else can chime in with corrrct info

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Right !! I got it. Thank you very much mate, much appreciated.

Think you have a typo bud :). A level is plus 2, rest is spot on (C: tier level = titan level for completeness).

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This was also from another thread. Tier VII is where you get the ascension items like warm cloaks, orbs, shields, etc.

This chart helps me keep it straight.

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They actually drop much lower than that, just they’re very infrequent in general and much more infrequent in tier 5 (where the alt got a 4* ascension item once hah, all dressed up and nowhere to go).

I don’t know what the lowest tier is that rare 3* or 4* ascension mats drop from but there may even be an utterly infinitesimal chance even in Tier 1.

Yowza! Good to know! Does this chart work for general purposes, though? I was gonna sticky for me…

Yeah the chart is right as an example.

Where N = titan level

A+ = loot tier N + 3
A = loot tier N + 2
B = loot tier N + 1
C = loot tier N

Escapes: (this isn’t all fully known by me at least heh)
A+ = N/2 (rounds up I believe, 7 → 4)
A = N/2
B = ?
C = 1
D = 1

Yeah, I don’t have a chart for escapes. I’ve noticed on 7* it can drop to Tier IV or Tier I, so I just let it fall by the road there. :wink:

Thanks for ccatching my typo