Titan Loot


Dear Devs and EP community,
I took a Titan down and did NOT get any leet.
How and when will this be fixed?

Thank you,


I meant to write LOOT, sorry


Have you emailed the Devs hon?


Not yet, I was hoping they’d read my complaint here.
Besides, it also happens with other players…
Sooooooo frustrating…


Today i open my titan chest to find a glorious… common hero token!
Yes, nothing else. A week to fill up the bar and thats the loot.



Atleast you got a hero token. I’ve gone months of beating up titans and getting 2* items in my titan chest, consider yourself lucky.


Really this is starting get stupid now 5* titan tier 7 top 3 get the same loot from a world stagr


Welcome to the Casino Empires of Puzzles. Spend more money so we can give you more chances at the jackpot, but very small chance of course.


The Titan loot is a joke. I play 2 accounts, the lesser of the 2 either achieves way more points or, if the lesser achieves less points, the loot is awesome. Like very rare ascension items, that btw are not needed for this particular account. The higher account gets silly things that are not needed any longer. It really does make you frustrated to the point of not wanting to play. At least make the scores match the level as well as the loot. But since this is an alliance, why can’t we exchange with each other for things needed? Please fix the scoring system at least.


I said this elsewhere, but I’ll repeat here. I OFTEN get ascension loot at Grade B on Titans. Has anyone else noticed this in their alliances?


I rarely get B rating but when I do I get no ascension items either. I guess you are just lucky at that B rating.


It’s not just me. My whole alliance noticed it. It happened to someone else this morning:

While the Devs have assured us gamers that A+ players have the highest possible chance at good loot from Titans, our A+ players are repeatedly skunked, our A players might get a goodie, and our B players DAILY get the goods. Why?


Something is definitely messed up with the rankings. If the chances are all the same then I understand why A+ usually gets skunked since there is only 1 person with A+ and multiple with A, B and Cs.

I just find no matter what ranking I get I always get skunked…But I did notice that when I got B ratings I got better stuff than A+/A but that is only 1-2 items with B rating and 0 for A+/A. Guess your alliance is luckier than ours.


That doesn’t make me feel good. I want everyone to have success… :disappointed_relieved:


It all random, so it will balance out in the long run.


If the top players get the remaining ascension items they need, they don’t have to spend anymore in this game.

Just thinking.


Maybe. Maybe Not. We think it is all random, but truth is, we don’t know what they have done. :neutral_face:


Over the course of the last 4 titans, my rewards are in no way equal to the task. As a matter of fact, the ENTIRE titan fight and loot system needs a radical overhaul.

The wait time between energy is ENTIRELY too long - especially if it takes the entire team the entire time to kill it.

The loot rewards are an absolute catastrophe.

  • Case in point: our last titan was a 4* Demon Lord. I was in 1st place with an A+ Tier VII. My best loot? 2* Feathers. Ascension items? ZERO.
  • And the titan before that? Another 4*. Best loot? 2* Rope. Ascension loot? ZERO.
  • And the time before that? A 5*. Loot? More of the same … junk.
  • If there is not a change in the loot system, you will soon see a mass exodus of veteran players leaving nothing but new players. That may seem like a fair trade until you realize with each vet player that leaves, comes with a negative review and a warning to potential players to not waste their time with this game.

Of course, this is all academic if the only reason for this game is pure profit and not the enjoyment of it by the player base. I’ve played a LOT of loot based games - the ones that have staying power GUARANTEE good loot at every opportunity. The games that do not, rely on PURCHASES and a pay to win strategy - and it’s an eventual ‘no win’ scenario.

Please consider what I have written … though, I am positive I am not the first to say the same things.

Just a little proof …



From what I, and any players that I have questioned about it, state is that: The rewards system is stacked towards low-level players.

It’s like a dealer making a future addict.

  • Give them free samples of the good stuff
  • Start off with a lot, then taper back
  • Taper back more as they get more involved with the drug
  • Taper back more still and make the drug less potent
  • Decrease the potency further
  • Even further
  • Now, now more freebies other than the lowest quality drug at the lowest potency
  • Offer the same high as in the beginning but only if they purchase the drug for themselves but even then, most of the drug they buy will be a low-quality weak version with only an occasional amount of ‘the good stuff’.

Sounds insidious … does it not?

Lack of Ascending Materials?

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