Titan loot window not popping up

My titan loot window isn’t popping up since the latest update and when I look in recent history it looks greatly reduced. Help

Try checking on your recent activities. It may have just been accidentally closed without you noticing it.

History show only 3*+ items

There is something in recent history but the loot looks greatly reduced. We had just killed a 12 star yellow Titan and I was fourth best and this is the loot I got? It just looks to me like something is off. I’m attaching a screenshot. Also we passed on a 13 star before this one but I hit it for loot and I only got two items. I’ve never only gotten two items on a Titan before.


Not reduced cause it given you titan parts. Just bad luck i’m afraid

Okay but how does that explain the Titan loot rewards window not opening after the Titan dies? That never happened to me until this last update.


Yeah. Well, as I previously mentioned, it may have been accidentally closed without you knowing it. And FYI, Recent History only shows rewards categorized as 3* and above, thus the reason why it appears you have few loots in that. Such is belied by the presence of titan parts

Ok… I’ll see what happens on the next one we kill. Thanks for the input and patience


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