Titan loot: which is better?

Hi, wonderful E&P community. I was just wondering, which of the following titan loot is better?

  1. B (and occasionally A) performance on a 4* or 5* titan

  2. C performance on a 8* or 9* titan


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  1. Will give loot tier 5-7.
  2. Will give loot tier 8-9.

Loot tier 9 has 3 slots for mats, the others have 2.


Reaching tier 9 is actually a really big deal as it gives a 3rd guaranteed ascension mat drop. Even a C on a 9* will suffice. If you can get a B on an 8*, you’d also hit Loot Tier 9.

Suck it up, buttercup. You’re bound to get better, and as long as your mates are willing to keep you around, life is good even at the bottom of the barrel. :-p

For Posterity Sake: I should note that I’m speaking from personal experience as I went from doing well on 5* in one alliance, to barely finishing fights against 8*… it’s humbling, but all along the way I’m showing improvement and they’re content with me. Yay ascension mats!


Thanks for the tips!

Thanks a lot for the tips! Appreciate it!

Answer: choose the bigger in titan level alliance :smile:

Thanks! Appreciate it!

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