Titan loot when leaving

What happens if i do a titan with my ally, than i leave and come back and we finish it? Do i get my normal loot or just reduced?

AFAIK, to collect loot you need to have hit the titan and be there when the titan dies. If you hit the titan than leave to hit other titans, when you return your previous damage will be accounted to ex-member.

And yes, your titan loot will be reduced, which is the case when you merc and join alliances when the titan has already spawned :woozy_face:.

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what if I don’t join another alliance and left and came back during the titan? …

hit it… (left … went no where… came back before it dies)

U get reduced loot but your previous hits counts

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Previous hits counts in both cases,and loot is reduced in both cases as well.

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Just say in the alliance as your trapped for life :joy::joy::joy:

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Ive been with the same people for a year… And :grin::panda_face::heart:noooooooo I wanna liveeeeeeeeeeeeee lol I will always visit around… Or I won’t be found ha lol


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