Titan Loot tiers are not even close to mathematically correct

My brother and I are in the same alliance. I am usually the top titan damage dealer. He is usually in the top 6. My loot is usually a tier higher with an A grade while he has a B grade a tier lower. He recieves on average 3 times more 4* ascension materials than I do.

Also if I intentionally get 5th or 6th place in damage I also tend to get a lot more 4* ascension materials.
Unfortunately my high damage is pretty essential to my alliance successfully killing titans, so I am knowingly getting screwed on titan loot by getting A grades in high tiers.


It’s widely known that B grade is the best for titan loot.


Funny thing is we joke about this in our alliance too. We fight 10-12* titans, so I’m usually around 12-13 loot tier for A/A+. I hardly ever get a 4* MAT in A or A+ but generally do better with a B rating. It is almost as if the game purposely gives bad results for the A grade. Either that or an oddly consistent RNG on Titan rewards


I am usually the same.
I feel like it punishes you for being good because it sees it as “you clearly have a good team, you don’t need the good loot”, when obviously that is unfair because we will always need 4* mats.


I’m also most of the time on A / A+ and yes, I agree with you. Seems like a code thing rather than a “bad day” pattern.


I see that this problem is common in other alliances.

I usually get the max scores in green/ yellow titans and the loot for the first position is pretty poor, while the rewards for worse positions are better.


I’m in the same boat as well.
In my alliance we fight 10-12* titans and I’m usually the top attacker with A+ and A scores, but the loot is absolutely disappointing. From the last 58 killed titans I only received 3x 4* mats. :cry:
Meanwhile the other guys with lower scores get 4* mats every other titan.
I keep lying myself that it’s just a dry spell but I don’t think that’s what it is. :sob:

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