Titan loot tier not showing

Hello, after the latest update couple of my alliance mates have reported that the titan loot tier is not showing anymore. Is this a bug or an intended feature? Happening on both IOS and android.

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I didn’t receive my titan loot on the final titan today.


Same here today I did not receive any loot after Titan kill, just heard a noise

I did not receive loot from the titan battle either

I did not receive loot for monsters and a bit later again for heroes.
I think I know why. I touched screen while loot was coming out of the box I didn’t see all loot. In the middle of it I touched the screen and it was gone…

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The loot is not displayed then but you still receive it in your inventory

Are you sure? Cos I did go thru inventory and I didn’t notice… You know, usually you have to claim your reward. You can skip it but you have to claim.

I have The same problem
Titan loot isn’t in inventory if i don’t hit CLAIM

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