Titan loot suggestion


Hi everyone, Ive been playing for a few months now and the most common complaint I hear is always about titan drops and ascension materials. As Ive progressed I ve now started to feel that sting myself and it takes away a great deal of fun from the game.

I would ask the developers to consider a system for the titans in which there was a currency drop upon slaying titans. This currency could be saved up and used to purchase ascension materials. The amount of currency you get upon a completed titan could be tied to the star rating, an individuals contribution, and even time it takes to down a titan.

The current system is unrewarding and has no rhyme or reason whatsoever and lets face it, it’s disappointing. With the currency model even if it still takes a bunch of titan kills to save up for a purchase, a forward progress is always being made. The current system may or may not reward you and even if it does, its usually something that does not progress your hero. This is a major flaw and in my short time of playing i have seen multiple veterans succumb to the frustration and just disappear. Even I am at a point where I will most likely not spend another dollar unless a change is made to help players feel they are progressing rather than at the will of an u fair rng system.

Theres a great community here and I have had a blast. I hope to make some friends on here and see the game progress in a positive manner. Thanks!


Titans do drop gems, and gems can be used to buy Ascension Packs and Trainer The old from the shop, both of which have a chance of providing rare ascension materials.


I see what your saying. I think I was thinking the currency would have its own permanent shop of sorts. The problem with the gems and what your referring to is the amount of gems it takes to take just a “chance” at ascension items. Your still dealing with a terrible rng system even with that. I know, Ive tried. Both times i took a shot at it i recieved wooden swords. Again back to my old point of time invested vs. reward. Progress in a game shouldnt feel like takin a spin on a wheel. If a player invested all that time saving up , why should they feel so let down due to artificial difficulty.

Also if this was implemented and people could consistently make progress, i would wager you would see more money spent on hero rolls, packages etc. At my current spot why would I want more heros when I cant even progress my current ones?


A little while ago, someone suggested the idea is shards. Like you need 25 ice shards for a cape and 50 for a telescope.
Personally I think this would be a better solution, since it still has some rarity too it, but it does get you your mats quicker.


The problem is always that people purchase hero way too early.

For the normal pace of a little spender, i can assure you that i have the same quantity of ascension items per heroes (so i receive 5* heroes and complete the material to ascend them pretty much on the same time)

But half of my 5* just suck, so in the end i have much more ascension items then heroes.


Ive been the highest hitter on our strongest titan. A+. I got around 8k ham, 11k iron, 1 potent leave, 1 rugged clothes, 1 wooden sword, and 2 gems.

I was with an alliance member that did 15k damage, and was given far better rewards. 15+k ham and iron, potent potions, trainer heroes, and 3 gems among other things.

I dont see the logic. Why spend the time and excel, when those that dont put much effort in are rewarded better?

Im all for a type of shop where you can save a currency type, and purchase ascension materials. Most def not gems. Those arent worth the time+gamble.


Thats a hot topic recurred many times in the forum and i answer the same everytime.

For every single A+ there are 4 A’s and most likely 10 B. It’s all rng based, so let’s do some math on this.

Let’s say you get a loot tier 9 so you get 3 (?) spots for ascension items: 3

A’s get 2 spots, so 2x4: 8

B’s get 2 spots too (maybe not good as A’s, we don’t know), so 2x10: 20

So in the end B have almost 7 times more chance to get something good.
So B is better?! Absolutely not, because everytime a different person get something good, so individually you get more good stuff of others.

I report my personal experience.
I’m a merc, and right now i defeated 631 titans from 1* to 9*.

Statistically there’s no doubt for me that more stars are always better then less, and higher rank is always better then short.

If i can, i ALWAYS stay in A-A+ rank.


I dont get why I get gipped on rewards. This isnt the first time ive been top attacker with over 120k damage dealt. Maybe this is something the Devs need to look into.


Top attacker doesnt mean better rewards.

It only means you end up in a higher loot tier, which has a better chance to drop loot.


Luck musnt be by my side.


We’ve all been there amigo. Just keep hitting it hard and eventually A+ will net better results.


I think chef has a descent idea though. What if titans dropped shards based on element. Say 3-5 per kill( has to be a kill) You need 50 for 3 * and say 75 for 4* ascension items. Still would take awhile but at least your working toward something