Titan loot score dependent?

Is the loot you receive from titan battles dependent on the grade it gives you? As a level 30 i consistently get a “C” grade and the loot im getting is useless on XI chests.

It depends on grade, which depends on the damage you made individually and compared to others.

You can read more here:


Most definitely. You’ll see better rewards as you improve. I guess it’s not directly related to grade, but your grade is based on the same effect (damage) that loot is.

It dependant of your score and also the number of star of the titan. The link in second post is very good.

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It depends on the grade and on titan stars, and one grade level = one titan *
Grades are:

  • A+ - 1st score
  • A - score 2nd to 5th
  • B - score larger than 1/30 titan’s HP
  • C - less than 1/30 titan’s HP
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It’s also RNG.

The higher you place in the rankings gives a better chance of improved loot but RNG can result in the actual rewards for B being better than A+ for example.

Your actual score in points is irrelevant, it’s the ranking that matters.(How quickly you kill the Titan doesn’t affect things either :smiley: .)

Using Giant Harpoons (and the Alliance reaching the stages for total number of hits by them) adds Titan parts to everyone’s loot.

Loot is reduced if the Titan escapes.

Check out the link above from @PlayForFun, there’s a lot of useful info there.

See also Titan; Grades, Loot Tiers, and You


in the latest versions, I take first place in attacking a titan, but my loot rnk is XV

Wow, that seems to be a pretty bad loot for XV tier.

Why don’t I have an A+ rnk? is this a bug?

You have. 11* from titan + 4* from A+ rank = XV (15th) tier of loot.