Titan Loot Reduction and 12H / 20H Timers

I’m trying to figure out the three kinds of reduced titan loot, before it bites me in the butt (again), and here’s what I believe. Can people confirm this:

12 hour titan chest timer:

  • Prevents you from getting a titan added to your titan chest
  • Starts when you leave an alliance, and resets to 12h every time you leave an alliance.
  • Timer is only visible once you’ve joined a new alliance; no cooldown between titan chests if you don’t leave the alliance, unlike monster and raid chests.
  • Is checked when you collect titan loot, so if you aren’t in the game when the titan is killed or leave before loot is awarded and stay out until the timer expires, you can put a titan in your chest.

20 hour reduced loot timer:

  • Loot tier reduced to half what it would have been.
  • Is only checked if you leave an alliance, whether you collect loot in another alliance or not.
  • I think it starts when a titan is killed, not when you collect loot from it or when you leave an alliance
  • Does not appear to get reset.
  • Is checked when you collect the loot also, so you can extend it by being out of the game like the titan chest timer.
  • (Is never tested if you don’t leave your alliance, so if you stay put it doesn’t matter how long it is between titan kills)

Must be present at spawn time loot reduction (Not really a timer)

  • If you aren’t in the alliance at titan spawn, you won’t get emblems or the bonus mat roll from a rare titan.
  • (Unconfirmed but I believe it is true) If you aren’t in the alliance at spawn, and the harpoon threshold is exceeded, you won’t get titan parts.

NOTE: Edited twice already as I collected more information from other players and this topic; I will update as I collect more/better info elsewhere.

Help – Am I getting this all right?


I know the timer on the chest restarts every time you leave an alliance regardless of whether you kill a Titan or open a chest.

What i’m sure is:

  • it starts after you leave. No matter if you join another alliance after 1 minute or 6 hrs, when you enter you find the difference between the moment you left and the moment you re-join.

  • yes, if you kill the titan before the timer expire, log off before it gives you loot and log in again when the timer has finished, that titan count for the chest.

  • the 20 hrs reduced loot count for all the titans you kill in that timeframe. Assuming you killing a titan at 16 hrs and soon after another at the same alliance, both of them have the reduced loot (easy to do when you “jump” on low level titans and wait to kill the first a moment before next one appears)

  • it starts when you leave the alliance, otherwise you could get a reduced loot from a fast kill after a slow remaining in the same alliance.


@Elpis, I’m questioning one thing you reported on the 20 hour timer based on stuff I’ve heard from others:

True part: If you don’t leave an alliance you won’t get reduced loot due to the 20 hour timer.

Other reports I have are that this timer starts when the titan is killed, NOT when you leave the alliance, or when you collect loot from the killed titan.

Unfortunately, this timer is NOT visible other than the final result–You either get full loot or reduced loot, and don’t know if you missed it by a minute or by 19 hours. (Unlike the titan chest cooldown timer which is directly visible.

Do you have contradictory information about this?

Not “filmed” evidence, but i can tell you my experience, if you trust it.

I’m a jumper. I have two alliances which i use for filling my titan chest faster. I only stop when war is up, so i must stay still to do the war.

Case 1: leaving the alliance with a really good timing.
I land on the second when the titan has 13-14 hrs left. I wait 12 hrs, kill him, and kill the second as soon as appear (and jump again on the other alliance).
Both the titans are on my chest, both of them have the reduced loot.

Case 2: not a good timimg/war to fight
Jumping to the 2nd alliance, the titan has less then 12 hrs left, so even if i kill it it doesn’t count for my chest (unless you log off as i previously stated).
I take my time to kill the titan after and kill another one as soon as it spawn.
NEVER had a reduced loot, even if i kill them <20 hrs between first and second.

The 20 hrs reduced loot for me are up only at the first 20 hrs after leaving an alliance.
After that you have no more reduced loot, even if you kill titans right after another.

The whole point of this timers is discouraging mercing and exploit titan loot.
But it may happen one alliance is really weak on one color and really strong on another, so they do not punish back-to-back kill if you stay still.

I do trust your information, I just need a little more:

Part of this is consistent with my theory and what I’ve heard from others:

If you don’t have reduced loot for the first titan, the second will be in the same alliance, so you won’t be subject to the 20 hour reduced loot timer even if those two titans are barely over an hour apart.

The question I’m looking at is how do you calculate the start point for the 20 hour timer for the first titan after you join an alliance.

  • Time you left the prior alliance. (You give this)
  • Time the prior alliance’s titan died. (Not stated or same)
  • Time you collected loot from the prior alliance’s titan. (Not stated or same)

If all of those things are at the same time you have no way to know which it is. If all of those are more than 20 hours, you have no way to know which it is either.

Can you fill in those blanks?

My working theory is that the timer starts when a titan is killed, but if you don’t leave an alliance it doesn’t get checked when you collect loot.

I’m not sure either, i’m too lazy to pay excessive attention to it and not very interested.
My strategy doesn’t involve titan loot but rather fill titan and war chest asap.

As leaving the alliance more often then not coincide with titan kill and titan loot… for what you need that information?

I want the information because I like figuring this stuff out, but here is the scenario that played out today:

My alliance had killed their titan and the next hadn’t spawned yet.
A (smaller) family alliance had a rare titan and some of us were thinking about going down to help them with it.
Would that nerf our loot for tomorrow’s titan at home was the question.

We don’t finish our titans early enough that titan flags are going to waste as a rule, but visiting is still fun … but doing it and then realizing you just accidentally nerfed your own titan loot sucks!

(And as I was trying to figure it out, they took care of the titan, or somebody else came in and helped them, so it is a question and hopefully answer for next time.)

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I did my first mercs (by invitation) and realize now that I probably screwed up. I thought I could fight and the rewards would follow me when I left. It never occurred to me that I’d need to stay in the alliance for the several hours it would take to actually get the rewards.

I was prepared for reduced loot.

I won’t give up on helping with titans but I’ll need to do some research so I can do it properly.

Does the titan count in the chest stay (e.g. 4/5) or is it reduced to 0 after the timer expired?

It stays the same, once the cooldown has passed.

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Thank you very much! I didn’t even know there was a timer, but we had a new alliance member yesterday who was a bit afraid of losing the progress.

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