Titan loot ratio - Is it possible to make public?

Can SG make public how titan loot/war chest works? I mean like a Tournament loot chest. Ratio and probability of each category. Because sometimes you make titan XIII loot category but it is worse than IX category.

I don’t see why drop rates for Loot Tiers can’t nor shouldn’t be public myself.

When I started playing, many of these values were hidden. It was only in update 15 (if I recall correctly) that they publicized the hero summon pull rates, and it made me like the game a lot more.


Dear developers,

I was wondering if it would be possible to show required score for each titan loot tier somewhere on the screen?

For example, on the titan viewing page, there is a list that tells you to get to A tier loot, you need xxx score; to get to B, you need xxx score… and so on. That way it would give us a target to strive for. I hope I made sense in explaining my idea.


This is a good idea. In my alliance I usually post the minimum score required for loot tier 9 in the alliance featured message box, but yes if the game shows it will be much easier. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Sometimes my alliance does that as well. But someone has to do the calculation and it’s extra work for them. If the system can automatically does it, it would make everyone’s life just a bit easier.


Exactly. :slight_smile:

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Just curious, how is it that you could make a post without at least 20 characters?

I put the smiley, which is code form actually consumes a lot more character. : slight_smile : :smiley:

I see! Thanks! Anyhow, hopefully the developers will implement this idea. Cheers!

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It would be great if at the titan tab it just showed the damage required for each tier.
The numbers are all detailed here: https://empiresandpuzzles.fandom.com/wiki/Titans

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Only B and C are possible to give definitively. A is the top 5 scorers :slight_smile:


Sorry, dates a bit wonky.

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