Titan loot question - is there a point of me contacting support

Hi All,

I am tracking my loot from titan for the last exactly consecutive 70 titans and 11 titan chests - is becoming kind of a joke in our alliance . We are killing 10*-12* titans.

I have received 0 ( zero ) 4* unfarmable mats from the above consecutive 70 titans and 11 titan chests, I am either A or A+ with 5-10 Bs.

Note: Am receiving 4* unfarmable mats from diamond raid chest from time to time, mystic vision and once from tournaments in this period. A lot of my alliance members are receiving non stop 4* loot from these titans. Also am buying 4* mats from offers from time to time - but don’t want to go in direction of conspiracy and why I don’t receive from titans.

While I understand statistic and RNG, already this streak seems crazy to me ( even though I joke in the alliance I want to reach 100 titans in a row and 19 chests without 4* unfarmable :slight_smile: ) and wondering if there is a point of me writing to support.

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Not much point in contacting support, I’m afraid - they’ll just refer back to the RNG.

If it’s any consolation, you’re in good company. You’ll find more discussion and a suggestion for a new feature you can vote on here: Bad luck protection


You won’t get any help from support on this issue. This isn’t any consolation, but if you have kept good records on all of those titans, please consider entering the data at this new titan loot drop project. The goal is to figure out the drop rates of items on titans. Link here -

Or, consider entering your results moving forward.


Come now, that would be a biased selection of data. :slight_smile:

If you want an unbiased selection of data, commitment to future records (whether good or bad) is the only way to.

Will check how much time it takes me per day but maybe will start entering my data from now on in the project that you linked above.

If it helps, it takes me about 60 seconds to do one data entry :smiley:

I tend to save up 3-6 titans worth and input it all at once…

Just discovered that the topic I linked to above was closed. Sorry.

If you want to vote on the “Help the luckless” feature, it’s now here: Pity Counter/Timer for Summons

I don’t know if it can mitigate your pain, but here is my own personal theory (of course, mainly speculative).

It’s all a giant RNG total. Try to explain it better.

All the loot (raid chests, titans, tounament, monster, elemental) for me are all summed togheter on a giant roulette.

More drops of them we have (no matter the source) more we have chance to obtain good material.

Long story short, even if your titan loot has a really bad streak of luck, in reality it still help you to have better streak of good loot somewhere else.

To saying it in another way, you receive more AM then other on MV or raid chest exactly because you don’t receive it on titans.

So if someday your titan trend would change, you’ll see other loot quality decrease instead.

Again, that’s just my personal theory with absolutely no proof of that.

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Just to play devils advocate, what kind of other stuff are you getting? WE/Titan flasks, EHTs, 3* unfarmable AM, etc.?
My guess is you got a lot of the above but your progression is beyond those items and you are looking for the rarest items in the game.

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@Elpis sounds logical as theory. What is strange is that supposedly what should be giving the 4* unfarmables - elemental chests, titan and war chest is not giving me at all - haven’t tracked as detailed as the titans but 100% sure that the last 20 wars and at least 3 war chests for sure no 4* mats and the last 7 elemental chest again zero 4* mats

@Math-Teacher yes, am getting a lot of other stuff that i don’t really need so much anymore as 4* mats to level my 5* as 4* heroes don’t bring much anymore to my roster

Nope. It’s the gacha-model.

They gacha-money.


If you look at the raid tournament challenge, even TOP 1% gets you only 1% chance of a 4* unfarmable mat. I would guess titan loot is in that range which means 70 titan killed without one 4* unfarmable would not be that uncommon. Which is crazy to me considering all the effort you put compared to the quests that come about once a week and give you a 3* and 4* unfarmable without too much effort.

And that is why I am starting to be tired of this game, you work very hard for almost nothing of value since at some point everything except those ascension materials become almost useless. The only other thing that will give you more except lots of money is time since again the quests are very generous compared to everything else you do in game. Meaning I want to play less instead of more, not what this game should be doing.

Funny thing, I got my first 4* unfarmable this morning from B loot of a 7* titan.

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Top 1% in tournaments is at 2% 4 out of 5 tournaments an in top 1% - got a 4* mat from there once. Also is quite nice the guaranteed 4* mat in events - tried last event for the first time and got in top 1000 for rare - so is good they are expanding where you can get 4* mats but still my point is that the claim always had been that titans, wars and elemental chests are the best way to get 4* mats which for sure not the case for me.

I still struggle to understand why they don’t list the % for titan loot tiers for 4* mats ( like summon portal, raid tournaments etc ) so we all know what we are dealing with - is not kind of anyone will be shocked with the 0.05% chance considering summoning %

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It sounds like you are just in a super rough patch. Watch, you’ll probably get 8 darts in a row.

I’m 100% with you on showing all the percentages for everything. What’s the harm?

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I have even longer streak. After 3 days will be 3 month without 4* mat from defeated titans. In same time I can not really complain about other places. Sunday I got 2 4* mats (purple chest and war chest), for example.

More and more I think about same theory what Elpis mentioned, there is balance. If I do not get from titans I get somewhere else.

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Extended to 71 :slightly_smiling_face:

Think will start from this one to enter the data in the project above.

I’ve had 5 darts drop from titans and Wanted missions in the last 2 weeks. None for months before that. And one of my 2 TC20s spit out Leonidas yesterday, again after a long drought.

Now I have an orb shortage, of course. Wonder if Marianne Williamson will let me borrow hers? :laughing:

Haha. Of course.

20 of courses

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