Titan Loot Project - A Data Farming Project! Answering "What can/could I get from the Titan?"

up here @Math-Teacher :wink:


Yup, I was referring to the comment about the middle tiers & ascension materials.

It’s been mentioned several times :wink:

Re that graphic, excel did it’s predictive text thing on me lol

I read the entire thread before posting anything. When you quoted your own quote, I felt like you assumed I didn’t. My quote still stands weather the data is skewed or not

As in, “wouldn’t that be weird…lol”

I believe, if you only +1 to rare titan loot tier only if you defeated it. otherwise, same formula as non-rare titan.

It would definitely be weird :joy::joy::joy:

Im personally inclined to believing that more data would iron out that link BUT there is indeed a possibility that the odds do “dip”

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Hi, @Guvnor. I just received this from an A+ on a 14* titan (tier XVIII):

It is only one Valhalla coin.

Do you know if drops have changed, or mine was an exception/bug?


Oh wow @D_DI, that’s truly mediocre for A+
Sorry for that!

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Thanks. I’m really happy with the emblems but I didn’t even know it was possible to get only 1 coin. The chart also doesn’t show any possibility of getting 1 or 2 coins for tier XVIII.

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Seeing as I only had a total of 5 entries for loot tier XVIII on a rare titan…

I did say in the OP not to draw too much from that section because of the low data count:


I took another look at the AM distribution. It seems rather interesting that from tier VIII to IX the per roll percentage declines but still raises in total when multiplied by the number of rolls. (Well, it does not for 4* AM, but that could be due to low number of data points. And it does not rise especially high for 3* rare AM…) But from tier XIII to XIV there is no such decline despite the increase of rolls. That would mean there is a particular huge step between XIII and XIV giving >33% more mats in total, but not the often asserted 50%-rise between VIII and IX.

Is that correct? Or do you read the sheet as a steady rise of chance per roll, that is just not well reflected in the collected data?

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I’m pretty sure this is inaccurate. I’ve just nabbed a tonic on a VII loot. Not on a rare titan.

Not disagreeing… Just saying that the data I got didn’t show any…

Been pointed out previously in this thread too…

Worth stating; If I don’t have the data in the data set, its impossible to include it in the data analysis and presentation of results

Oh yeah. Sorry. Didn’t notice it has already been stated.

Awesome job btw.

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Hey @Guvnor, thanks for all your hard work on this again, credited you recently on a vid I did about titan loot and here’s the accompanying infographic if it can be of any use to fans of this thread =)


Great resume!
I would just add the reduced loot tier cons… Because there are many ppl that doesn’t understand why they don’t get titan parts and so lame loot!
It might also help ppl lerening how to merc or use spare titan flags wisely without getting reduced loot tiers in a lot of titans specially on main guild!

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I do not understand much from the detailed account, but according to my inventory, there is no material coming from either titanium or chests for months. Especially 4 * material does not come.

I found this topic late. I can guarantee a colleague from our Alliance got a telescope with Titan 4 * in A +. Maybe it helps with your tracking

It would have; if I had gotten the data input to the Form :stuck_out_tongue:

The form is still open & accepting data. Haven’t looked recently to see how many additional submissions there have been.

Link is in the OP.

Edit: Just checked & there have been an additional 240 data submissions. If it gets to +500 I will add those entries to the Data Analysis.


Hi @Guvnor,
I wonder why are battle items excluded from the results?

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