Titan Loot Processing

Any one knows why it takes so long to process titan loot if it’s really supposed to be random?

My alliance is hung up for what feels like 30-40 minutes waiting, which is much longer than the 2 minutes it usually takes. I’m putting a ticket in.

Mine just processed but the next titan isn’t showing up yet…

This seems to be a new issue with version 1.8. I have an idea what may have caused it, and I believe I’ve fixed it now. Please let me know if you still encounter delays.

And yes, the Titan loot is random inside a given reward tier.

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Ours is still processing (has been for 44mins)

What was your alliance?

the alliance is Seven Days Departed

We’re still processing as well (about 45 mins also) in ‘Mixed Nuts - Extra Spicy’.

Thanks for looking into it! :slight_smile:

edit: just processed!

Killing a titan almost 1 hour ago, but it is still in elaboration.
And even if i “tap” on the titan, he don’t show the results, most like there is not even a titan there.

There’s surely something off here.

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Our clan is waiting for the loot of the titan, we defeated 1 hour+ ago. But the counter for the chest is gone one point up yet.

Our alliance is still waiting …Titan frozen in processing status for over an hour

7 Days Reborn has the same issue, though not as long, but it’s still been about 15 mins or so and “processing”

Down the rabbit hole, processing for about 20 minutes now.

Our just finished…about 22-25 mins.

The bug is actually a bit more complex than I expected. I was able to clear the queue for now and changed some settings so the delays should not come back. We’ll implement a proper fix tomorrow.


And whats up with our lost loot?

What do you mean? Are you talking about the delay of a few hours? Or did you actually not get loot? If the latter, please contact support at http://smallgiant.zendesk.com/

I got the chest counter, but not the loot.
Even if the system said, that the loot is avaiable now.
After the named delay.

Thx at all for the good supply.^^

Thanks for the response. I’m still a little confused as to why there even is a titan loot processing time to begin with if all loot is randomly calculated. Why is it not immediate? What exactly requires processing after defeating a titan. Don’t mean to offend just curious.

Calculating 30 results for the alliance plus processing how ever many hundreds of thousands playong the game. Obviously tbey had an issue there they worked on

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