Titan loot not awarded on more than one occasion

I have had two of the last three Titans my alliance has taken out not provide loot. I got credit toward the titan chest, but no actual lot for the titan. The first one happened on oct 31st between 2-6pm. MST. And the most recent was Nov 3 around 00:30. I found an older post about this, but no resolution. I’m a forum newb, so please excuse me if I missed it somewhere…

Don’t put personal info in forum post! :wink: I recommend you to contact support, if you haven’t got the loot.

Redacted for personal info. Try support as above. All the best :sunglasses:

It is Usually only a visual bug, that you do not get the loot screen but still get the loot. How ever if you are certain that you did not get ANY items, you can contact support with exact time of titan falling and they will check it for you.

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