Titan loot , new ways or is it a mistake

Alle our members with the highest score getting lesser food and other things in Titan loot Lan the one with the less score… how come, is there a bug or things are different now.

Its mostly the food wuantuty that bugs me most

I’m not sure how exactly the food and iron is allocated, but the total between them is almost the same.

You’d have to track it over several titans to show a regular disparity :man_shrugging:t3:

I do get less of everything since the new update. But I try not to expect anything from it (otherwise I’ll be so demotivated with this game).

It looks like you are showing your own titan loot and then the result of your titan wanted mission chest, and there is no other person to compare it too. Seeing another person’s results (who scored lower) would be helpful. Also, as I understand it, the food and iron in wanted chests is partially determined by the level of your food and iron storage. It could be that other people have leveled up their storage more and are getting more for that reason.

What I have seen so far the more existing iron and food I have better the food/iron I get …this is just my observation and nothing to prove.

Well spotted

This is correct for raid chest, not sure about titan

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So you would need to built an average food iron loot from all class A and all class B members and bring that to an average for both classes.

I am pretty convinced that @MW4 is right also on direct Titan loot. It depends on your storage level.

And of course there is a wide diversity. I regulary have 11* titans with 45k food or iron and on another day its 197k. So like everything in the game its a big part random.

There are only few “real” differences on titan loot if you look at the “draws for ascension materials”

Its in german, sorry for that. But it shows the draws (left side) for ascension materials.

For example at 11* titan the A+ player gets 4 draws, all others 3 draws.
12* titan means all A and A+ draw 4 times.

All other logic is just our psychology. We also have the feeling that class B had more loot, BUT you have to take in account that there are also only 5 A players and like 20 B players. So of course the chance of someone in B to have a good loot is 4 times higher than A :wink:

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Today i have 550 k damage A+ And i get some food iron and 1 gem and my 5 titan chest give me also 1 gem and 5 fighter embem i’m so trilled

I had a B grade on our 11* today and received both a Fine Gloves and Damascus Blades.
Previous days I have had A or A+ and received nothing but 2 Valhalla coins or a couple of gems.

This game is random… TOO randomized.

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Once I got an orb when the titan run away… before that i was on a streak of A / A+ without anything great for maybe 4-5 titans in a row… so yes this is too random, but maybe its just the nature of the game

Just imagine how creepy it would get if A rank effectively would give much better loot.

The struggle to get on A rank. Members keeping their attacks to jump in A rank on the last minute.
Jealousy. Titan flasks, secretly taken and attacks spread over a few hours to not be noticed.

Thanks no!

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The titan attack data is not always correct. Arthur12345

I think a lot of Alliances are much better, friendly and kinder than you think.

I mean, I can imagine a lot (myself included) giving each other “turns” to be A grade or A+

Player 1, Player 2 and Player 3 all need 50,000 hit on the Titan. The Titan only has 60,000 health left… I can quite honestly imagine a lot of people discussing among themselves to decide “hey you can take this Grade A, I got one last time”. They would obviously also take into other considerations such as: does that person really think they can hit the Titan for 50,000 score or do they usually only average 20,000 per energy?

Obviously I understand there are a lot of people and alliances who’d cry over it and not try to take advantage… but I also think it’s one of those “extra” rewards for those who have earned their roster and gained the experience. No different from Me vs a Newbie attempting challenge events, them struggling with Rare and me breezing through Legendary.

I’ve been studying the prizes that the titans give for months, I’m trying to do math averages but until now I haven’t found a meeting point between the various loot.

I got data on most of it. I didn’t bother with food & iron cause there wasn’t any real pattern to the data.

it SEEMS to be linked to your available storage then RNG based within some %bounds.

The problem is the one who always having High score getting A+ and A loot, the loot sucks, I get worst loot when Im A+ than when Im A.
Yesterday a newbie Got lucky at level 37 had highest score over 200k she for worse loot than me with 26,000 less score.
Thats have been our problem lately, very bar loot for good players and good loot for players who only comes in once in a while and get an A score and very good loot with 4* mat

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