Titan Loot Nerf?

So we regularly take down 6* & 7* titans. That means we see a lot of tier viii (8) loot. For some reason in the last couple of days we are seeing 2 ascension mat rolls on tier 8 loot… is it just us? Or are other alliances now seeing this on tier 8 loot as well? I hate to think theyve reduced the already abysmal chances of rolling 3*/4* ascension mats by now only giving us 2 rolls @ tier 8, instead of the 3 rolls ive been getting for the last month or so…

I only take a pic of the last section of loot, so these might not be helpful (the last three):


Yeh @Rook… that VIII is exactly what im talking about… 2 rolls where there would normally be 3. You got 3 on the tier IX, but they seem to have lowered the loot from tier VIII. It would be nice if SG could confirm / deny the change… and let us know why they felt the need to reduce the ascension rolls at that tier…

Well I haven’t been counting rolls (I’m a simple sort), but I’ll certainly start looking for it.

I’m not sure how you can tell how many rolls I got from the final picture? Sometimes I have got ascension items in the first few, not toward the end (though I didn’t here in these pics).

They do come up in a specific order i.e. iron / ham / materials / ascension / consumables / gems / trainer/flask/etc. Ideally for pictures want one that doesn’t end on an ascension roll ideally as there might be a trash ascension item to the left of the orb in the last one for example.

Anyway I’m not positive the number of ascension items which drops per titan is fixed as I think I’ve casually seen some variation in the number of items dropped per type, but we probably need to resurrect the resume of titan loot thread Mai started and review the drops again since a few versions of dropped and changes do get made.

Let me add its not sour grapes… if there’s been a change to roll numbers, but an increase in the chances of rolling 3*/4* ascension mats then that would be super! Just looking for confirmation.

I don’t know about loot nerf but I definitely notice a decrease in combo luck lately…

Do we want to drop in the same thread or start a new one?

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Atleast you got a orb. I haven’t had a ascension item for quite a while and usually score first or close to it on the Titan.

@Coppersky from a moderation perspective would you prefer a single thread or multiple ones? In theory much like the map loot stuff I was doing it can change from version to version, but it’s probably not going to take much time to analyze it at various tiers anyway.

I trust your judgement Revelate. I’m leaning towards a thread for info gathering, and just put results in the titan loot resume thread with an update. maybe pop a link up there when you start the new thread (or use this one) so folks can join in on the data collection if they want to.

glad to see there’s interest in keeping this info up to date!

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Seems like they’re nerfing all odds of getting Ascension items. I have five red 5* only able to ascend one between the low 4* Ascension items drop and all the steal and ham needed per upgrade just becoming a joke. Just seems like trash management. I play supercell games mostly because they have really good management and they aren’t so damn greedy but some how they still beat empire and puzzles top grossing by a land slide. It actually makes sense cause I started out spending money on this game but once I realized it was a such a bad return rate I stopped I don’t spend a dime not even VIP. I spend about 60$ a month on supercell games each month and don’t mind because I get a good deal much much better than EP would ever give me. I think a lot of players are the same way started spending either slowed way down or quit all together and basically sales depends on people who like or are addicted to gambling. Seems very predatory. It’s just sad seeing a game I like being ran so poorly. I guess I’ll just keep paying supercell like most gamers or much more I should say and hope one day small giant gets there crap together but it seems very doubtful. I see them milking this cow for all they can get before this game dies from greed and poor management. Hopefully I don’t get banned for speaking how I feel about the situation didn’t just loose a match or something like that. I have been watching this stuff unfold for about a year now thought I would give my thoughts.

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I got Tome of Tactics this week and today Royal Tabard from 9* - 10* titans, so no, I think it’s just the same, just sometimes it drops more (like me this week), sometimes less (me last month). Remember - drop rates are kinda small and therefore prone to long drought episodes, but law of great numbers states that we should eventually all arrive at the same distribution if played sufficiently long.

Last time when I got 4* mat from beaten titan was 10th of August. Soon will be 3 month. Crazy hard to live like this but my hope is still alive. Titans 11* to 13*.

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I find this incredible. I was in an alliance with heavy spenders and even on B score of 8*, I was receiving something good. Like 2 out of 3 titans. Now, with a cheap to play alliance, A+ 9* and nothing for 2 weeks. But hey, this is just conspiracy!