Titan Loot Missing/Not Received

This morning I logged in and the titan was down. However I didn’t receive and loot for it. I should have been in A or B tier depending on overnight hits that were made while I was asleep.
This is the second time this has happened to me this month.
It’s Tues. 7/31 and I’m in Eastern time zone

I think I had something similar happen this morning. I made the killing blow to the Titan, and when the loot screen came up, it was only there for a second and then vanished. I saw no indicators of new stuff in my inventory.

That‘s because you only get indicators for 3* and 4* items. Sometimes the loot screen shows only shortly or not at all but it‘s pretty certain you received it.

I had this happen to me this morning also. Hard enough getting what we need without missing loot