Titan loot issues

hi i’m having a question i’m not the first time to beat the titan and then the loot does not show up and i don’t get anything after it and i didn’t see what the titan plus now the titanium crate did not bother me help

If I understand you correctly, your’re saying you think you didn’t get loot for the last titain your alliance faced, and your titain chest didn’t advance either.

Let me ask what may seem like a dumb question: are you sure you actually got a recorded hit on the titan?

Sometimes, disconnects can cause you to do 0 damage, even if you actually hit the titan during the attack that got disconnected.

Is it possible still for you to look in alliance chat or in the titan window to verify that you got credit for damaging the titan?

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the problem is that the loot ticket did not throw it out in the end or I got nothing when the titanium died

I’m having the same glitch twice when I’m offline since the new update a couple days ago while offline we took down a titan I woke to it defeated but when I came back on game I got nothing!! We killed a rare unicorn I opened game nothing!! Please fix this and give me my loot!! I’ve paid a boat load of money on this game! It’s not fair to be cheated out of my loot!

Yikes. Ok. You definitely need to contact customer support and submit a ticket then. They will be able to help you. Here’s how to do that:

You say it was killed while you were offline. Did you yourself do any damage to the titain?

Yes I hit it 5 times since it came up! It had less then 4 hrs left when I went to sleep n left game! I came back and I see in my alliance 2 didn’t hit the titan but out of 30 the rest of us did! I totally was still trying to wake and figure out what happened and why everyone was excited besides us winning war! They woke to their loot and for the second time I thought omg I’m not getting mine the first time with the last titan I thought maybe I got it n just didn’t pay attention but found it odd! Now the rare unicorn I woke to nothing no loot! This is extreeeemly frusterating especially when rare items are attached to certain rare titans and it takes a lot of months to finally get the items you need!

For my own alliance, I’ve been logged out when the titan got killed, and still been able to get loot OK. Please contact support, to see if they can help you.

what the solution would you be able to help or is this titan lootom about which I put pictures on?

I’m just a player like you, so I don’t have any special insight into what’s wrong or how to fix it. That’s why I said to contact customer support. Make sure to attach your pictures to the ticket. That should help them to figure out what to do.

I’ve tried finding it all it does is lead me back here do you know how to get ahold of them? It’s like a circle I c,ick tech support n I’m back here

If you’re having problems, use this link. You’ll have to fill in info like your game ID yourself though, since it won’t auto populate. If you’re having trouble finding that, just let me know and I can explain how.


Thank you how do you find your gamer id

Click on the gear on the toolbar

It’ll be on the “ABOUT” tab.

Thank you very much you have helped a ton!

You’re very welcome! Good luck with getting this fixed.

@Garanwyn I and another alliance mate have had this happen as well. From what we noticed we were switching screens when the Titan loot screen finally triggered. I think this is what they’re reporting.

For me, the loot screen flashed on the screen for a second and then disappeared. I never got the opportunity to claim the loot. I couldn’t tell if I actually received anything as I hadn’t checked my items recently.

Definitely annoying and does need corrected if players actually are not receiving loot. Until then, I just don’t switch screens when there’s the possibility of Titan loot :roll_eyes:

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Thanks for the info. Good to know that this is happening. Sounds like they definitely need to fix it, even if it’s just visual. Did you also have the titan chest advance issue reported by the OP?

Haven’t seen or heard of that. Hopefully it’s not widespread :unamused:

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