Titan loot issue

I have not been getting
loot from titans that i have been fighting its really irritating when you try your hardest to fight and kill them then get nothing to show for it so please look into this and fix it

Have you looked at your recent activity?

Recent activity

Shows u ur past loot from like the past 48 hrs i believe

U have to be at ur base screen to see ur titan loot when it drops

If your in other screens such as world map or raid, u wont see it and i think if you’re in those places too long it just gives u the loot without the pop up(or at least seemed to happen to me a few times and i had no other explanation for no pop up window)


Yeah it says i got it an hour ago but that was from the one that got killed last night and early this morning not the one we just killed. I never got the recent one. This is the second time in 2 day time frame so sorry if im seem frustrate



You’ll have to contact support which is in the same menu i mentioned

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