TITAN LOOT - Is there a difference between same loot tier on different titans?!

Hey Community,

I am not new in this game, but I have a question who makes me wonder…
Does a 10 or 11 star titan for example give better loot ,lets say 10star rank B or 11 star rank C, which gives loot tier 11, than an 8star with rank A+?!
Or is it exactly the same, the same probability related to 4 star ascension materials?
I know, I have three rolls with chances for asc. mats, and my question is…

Is the chance bigger to get 4 star ascension materials from loot tier 11 (for example) from 11 star then from loot tier 11 from an 8 star titan?!

I hope you understand what I mean!

Best regards,

Search and it will be found. Please read this: Titan Loot Project - A Data Farming Project! Answering "What can/could I get from the Titan?".

Happy reading.!!


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