Titan loot is garbage

I know Titan loot is all random, but in the last 18 titans I finished 1st 16 times and 2nd 2 times, and best thing I received was a 2* trainer. 10 gems once… I’ve seen blue moons more than ascension items… even mystc vision has given zip…! What the hell…?! I have patience, but these stats make anyone want to quit… element chests are rare too…

If anyone’s wondering, I’ve been fighting 8* and 10* titans…

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Well, I have to disagree with you in this unfortunately…

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You only read the title, and not why I said it’s garbage…

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I’ve been fighting Titans in the same range, and have not, to my recollection, ever received an Ascension item.

Gems on the other hand are fairly common for me.

Mystic vision has been giving me epic tokens (troops/heroes) about once a week.

Well, here we go again… You are the 41st person this week to open a thread like this!!!

Which means they all can’t be wrong…cheering section is over there >>>>>>>>>>>


the new titans have been good to me - 11s through 14s have given me 18 ascension items in 25 days. My alt got 13 items in 25 days fighting 9-10s.

It goes in spurts - I’ve also had streaks of 15 and 19 days without an ascension items.

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5* titan

Never, I never , never

Well, don’t You think I would have posted on there if I had seen them…? Excuse me for making a post…

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No. I agree with Rob. Titan loot and vision have been carp for awhile. Its becoming a chore to hit the titan for items I can farm. Same with AW. These should be outside of regular play and rewarded accordingly.


I would agree. I myself have been tracking titan loot since February and the loot has decreased for me since the beginning of April.


I think it’s garbage most of the time but every now and then it gives goodies. But there’s no logic in the loot. I hit titan and i’m rated C and get pretty good loot (needed acension items, gems, trainer heroes etc)
… but after that, after the next titan fight, if i’m being rated B the loot is usually worthless garbage.

It seems that better i hit, more shittier is the loot. But i don’t care (yet) coz this game is still very fun to play. Exept raids… god ■■■■ those raids are making me rip my hair of :grinning:


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I hope a 8* gives better than this 7* cause my damage was too awesome for this loot lol

Lmao you people need to stop posting Titan loot pics that you get once every 3 months and post daily pics

Also if the whole forum is just people complaining, SH take a hint?


@Denys. Its a discussion. Not complaining.

I started in November 2017. poured a ton of time, energy and money into the game. Recruited my wife, who has also done the same. We really enjoy the game and rationalize that due to our work schedule, this game replaces our other activities that time hasn’t allowed us to enjoy. We formed a new alliance a few months ago, where several members of the previous alliance followed us. We have a great team of very nice folks.

BUT, since leaving the other alliance where we were a capacity and fighting 7* titans, we’ve worked back up to 5* titans with only 7 players. The downside is lack of ascension items available. It’s not just me, buy all on our alliance. Additionally, I’ve done at least 2 - 10 Legendary draws, getting mostly 3* heroes. Yesterday I got Boss Wolf in my draw, along with the usual 3* and a couple 4*.

Just wondering why we’re even seeing 3* heroes when putting in the extra effort for Legendary.

Love this game, but my stronghold is at 20, and all other buildings just about maxed. Can’t get any good ascension items to continue building my other hero teams. AND Season 2 is still non-existent.

When can we see Season 2? That would certainly appease many players floundering in anticipation of something else to engage them and, heaven forbid, possibly allow them to get more ascension opportunities for their heroes.


Those 9750 gem packages with 2 ascension items aren’t going to buy themselves doncha know?

I guess the complain gods heard me complaining lol… Yesterday I did MV and got a warm cape, and 15 mins later opened my hero chest, and got 2 more warm capes… Then the titan gave me an orb… when it rains, it pours, they say…

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