Titan loot Is depressing

Titan loot is ridiculously crappy… 5-6* I’m doing 40-60k (not amazing, but nice compared to others with 4* hero’s I see, esp if like me, they don’t have perfectly developed teams… but that’s why I need mats, to upgrade my heroes!.. last Titan, top 10 in guild, big deal for me personally… I got 3 1* mats and a 1*healing pot… 3 or 5 gems… I was dumbstruck… How can I ascend like this… am I confused, are Titans not a way to get mats? Don’t think I’ve ever gotten a lvl4 or 5 ascention item from 1
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We usually fight 7* titans and I often end up first place or in top 3.
Most of the time I get one ascension item per week two if Im lucky.
4* items to ascend 5* heros only from rare chests and rare quests.

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Well… sigh… thanks

If you do 15k+damage a hit, look for an alliance that does 10* that will give you good ascension items more regularly.

We are currently fighting 6 and 7 star titans. I’m usually around the 8th or 9th position and I’ve been getting ascension items quite surprisingly often. Yesterday I was 11th and got a world energy flask, a first for me.

That could be true, some of our alliance members seem to get ascension items more often than I do, even in lower positions

But 15k/hit on 5*/6* like she is doing will be like 3-4k on 10* titans. But it‘s true - you want that Loot tier IX since u get 3 rolls for ascension items there

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Really need better drops for getting A+

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