Titan loot is a major let down


It takes an entire alliance to kill a titan and killing higher level titans is really difficult. The loot for killing the titan should at least be worth the effort put into it. We just killed a 6* titan and our top hitter didn’t get anything that any of us couldn’t make ourselves other than 3 gems and 3 gems gets you nowhere in this game. Why wouldn’t Titan loot be things you normally can’t get considering most items say you can get in titan loot? It’s bad enough that you can’t purchase guaranteed items but titan loot should at least be worth the effort.

Poor loot!
Titan loot payout

Titan loot can include non-farmable ascension materials. It doesn’t always.

You get random pulls based on the loot tier, which reflects the difficulty of the titan (its stars) and your contribution (your grade). Higher loot tiers gives you higher odds of getting rare items, but there’s no guarantee. I’ve gotten rare items from Loot Tier V; I’ve gotten crap from Loot Tier XI.

If every day the top hitter on every defeated titan got a rare mat, then they’d no longer be rare – and the elite fighters would become even more elite, and people would want to set up alliances around them as the top hitter. Randomness is good. Rareness is the painful truth.


Yes, I understand the randomness and why it is there but when you complete titan battles time and time again with no ascension items it gets very frustrating and players want to quit playing.


Pshaw, we killed our first 10* titan yesterday. A rank, got a shiny new 2* dagger (two, actually I think) and some rope. Drowning in goodies. Oh and an axe attack, I believe.

I know it’s random. It still leaves you pouting though.


I am nearly always the top hitter against titans and I cannot recall the last time I received a decent ascension item. I don’t count Compass or Gloves as I have over 40 of each, but I only see them rarely as well. We take down 9 and 10 star titans, so its not like we are taking down small titans. I am going to start tracking the items that I receive as top hitter. I rarely drop to 2nd or 3rd spot when one or more people level up during a titan battle, but generally never below that.


Honestly I don’t care if it is the top hitter or not that gets good titan loot… I was just using that as an example because it was the first time our top hitter had ever been at the top and got nothing really. Our alliance gives feedback on what loot they received and there are rarely any players receiving anything worth fighting for. Am I right to assume that titan loot is not pulled by alliance but over the whole game???


It is just random and soley determined by the loot tier the player winds up in for a given titan; it takes a while to acquire useful ascension items even at higher loot tiers than what your A+ got on a 6* (loot tier IX).

I’d be lying if I said Titans were absolutely mandatory to do for progression, but the more titans killed the more heroes you can ascend especially to level 70. Where you truly get stuck is on the 4* ascension items anyway but I think if we collected enough data we’d find more drop off higher loot tiers regardless of the fact that loot tier IX and above get 3 bites at the apple.

Moral of the story, killing the highest level titans your alliance is capable of will increase the progression for all of the members… almost nobody in 7dd complains about 3* ascension items except for me (shields, they well and truly suck for me) and that’s because they’re a fairly regular occurrence from the level of titans we’re fighting; however, I’ve gone 2 weeks without any 3* or better rare ascension item, and I’ve gone 2.5 months between shields in particular.

I get 4* items more frequently than I do shields from titans FWIW, but I’m pretty sure my shield ratio is skewed badly downward compared to average… another Mystic Rings from yesterday’s kill too so the loot does exist.


I have to agree with this. We work hard to bring some of those Titans down and really don’t get much of anything. I am almost always in the top 3 and I love getting the Titans, but getting loot would be awesome☺


Titan chests take the cake… those things are garbage… last 3 elemental chests have been crap too


Titan and wanted monster/hero chests suck. I get nothing out of those. I also get very little from the titan loot when defeating a titan. It’s becoming discouraging.


How is it possible that for a rare titan they give poor loot? And for all the titans, how many I have been playing, and this is almost 1.5 years, one “■■■■” falls out (sorry for my French)!Screenshot_20190109-154452_Empires Screenshot_20190109-154506_Empires


Dude that does really suck. :frowning:
Looks like you weren’t top three though right? or am I wrong?


If I’m right, rare titans only give “more” chance to get a 4* stuff, that’s all. Don’t expect for incredible loot just cause it’s a rare titan :roll_eyes:


No matter that titan ,i am in 9 out of 10 cases, in the rank of A +, and all the time the same thing, nothing falls!


A+ means he was #1 for damage.


I dont see his name as top 3.


probably because I have another nickname in the game!:joy::joy:


AH! that helps to clarify and understand :smiley: :wink:


Here’s a good discussion of the drop rates. Bottom line, even getting 4x rolls are 4* AM often doesn’t produce results. The percentages are apparently pretty low.


I’m generally A+ or A and get the same results as any other tier. You simply have a ‘higher’ ‘chance’ of getting AM’s, which if it’s anything like summoning heros is not in your favor.