Titan loot is a joke

This morning woke up to see what the loot epwass for the titan we killed last night,
6* I was top hitter, and received better loot in a stage round than I did for this titan, what’s up with that???
I have spent at least 1000$ Canadian money on this game, when. I first started playing the loot for titans was awesome, now what’s the point!!!


Yeah, I have to agree. I’m tired of getting literally nothing but things I can get in the first stage when I’m like a top 300 player in the 6th best alliance in the world, and we get almost nothing from 7 and 8 star titan loot. It’s a joke.

I’d rather get ONE good ascension item than 7 or 8 pieces of trash. I mean it may not be the ascension item I want, so there’s still that, but it really sucks.

Not to mention there’s no correlation as explained by the devs as to what gives you better loot. I got better stuff in my first alliance killing 3 and 4* titans… so what’s the point?


Good morning have you had an issue we’re a titan escapes and every one in your alliance gets loot but you,???

If you attack at all, you should get loot. If you don’t attack, and the titan goes down or flees, you get no loot at all.
EDIT: combined double post
Also, there’s a chance you DID get titan loot and didn’t notice it. If you’re tapping on the screen and the titan loot message pops up, it instantly goes away… pretty irritating.

Sadly, the titan loot is indeed a joke.

Has any one seen a gem like this before

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And by the way sixth Titan in a row no ascension item

Yes I have; I think it’s a glitch, showing your gems over a yellow trainer card.

Thank you rook for clearing this up for me thought it was something special. Hahaha

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I agree, at least to some extent. It is not that I do not get what I need (you cannot expect to get it all right now every time, of course), but it often seems like I am not receiving any better loot for being a tier 6 (VI) attacker than I was a tier 3 (III).

The same sometimes holds true for completed Wanted Raid and Wanted Titan missions: many times I have completed the five Titan Wanted mission and my big gift was three gems and a basic summon token.


I agree, fighting Titans is a useless waste of time. You definitely know your gonna get crap at the end.
Being in an alliance is now equally a waste of time.

Why are you necro-ing old threads just to whine and moan?

Fighting titans isn’t a useless waste of time - the higher up you go in titans, the better loot you’ll aggregately get. I get 1-2 ascension items a week from titans. But I do that killing big titans, not 3* titans.

Also, being in an alliance has many more benefits than just titan loot. Chatting, camaraderie, advice, etc.


Which level titans do you fight and what score for you get?

Lol, i read various of your comments and they are all the same.
You basically enter this forum to release some stress.

Here, take a snickers.


I’m going to need more than snickers to vent the crap this game offers out as what it calls rewards.
Your going to have to throw in a mars bar and plenty of ice-cream.

Thank you kindly for your question.

Answer: Level 7* Titans and up till now I get nothing but useless junk.

As many other players are also expressing. TITAN LOOT IS A JOKE.

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In the earlier days fighting week as Titans, the loot was a joke. I thought, well that’s what you get fighting jokers. Then as I progressed to level 7 Titans, the Loot remained laughable at best. So I go online only to find out that ppl fighting level 10 Titan’s are complaining about how ridiculous the Loot is .
So it doesn’t inspire any hope or adventure to fight Titan’s or be in an alliance just to repeat the same old rubbish over and over.

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Like almost everything else in the game, Titan loot is driven by randomness. There is a (small) chance of getting good ascension materials even at low loot tiers. To improve your chance you need to improve you loot tier - not just defeat higher level Titans, but also improve your individual performance grade (which is based on your damage score relative to your alliance peers). There are threads that explain the mechanics in detail, if you care to look.

But even at very high loot tiers it is still an unusual thing to receive high level ascension materials. This is by design, I think.

If getting great ascension materials was just about getting high loot tiers, then great Titan fighters would dominate the ascension materials, and lesser players would never be able to compete. Drops being rare and random somewhat mitigates this.

And if excellent ascension materials dropped like raindrops with every mission completed and every Titan killed? Then every player would have a team of fully jacked 5* heroes. That would hardly be satisfying, would it?

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Just lol.


Sometimes I get better rewards when titan escaped…I understand is random but I think you have to receive a better loot when you defeat one… This is hilarious :joy:


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