Titan Loot Gems


If 30 of your alliance take down a titan and you get say 3 gems each, do you get more gems per person if you take them down with just 5 of you? (For smaller alliances)


If this would be true, you would also get more of the rest (ascension stuff).
Then would every leader kick out 75% of there Alliance and would try it with just 5.
But I heard of a guy who has tried this (successful with 1 and 2 Star) and he didn’t say anything about 90 gems or a huge chest of ascension stuff.

But maybe I’m wrong and tomorrow we are all in 5 Player Alliances :wink:


No, the loot is designed random roll per player based on loot tier with some restrictions (like you will always get a iron / ham / gems entry).

You won’t get more for fewer players, really most alliances should be capping out their roster or close to it for titan goodness.


I confirm that you gain nothing to be a small alliance.
I build one just on the purpose to see how loot change if you are alone (hoping that you get ascension items like pouring), but instead the loot really, really, really suck.

It was a complete failure :smiley:


The lower level Titans give lower lvl tier loot chances. You really want to be a full alliance, hitting as hard as you can for those upper tiers.