Titan loot error


I was top on our titan and got loot level c

Titan performance score
Bug error?
C reward for top player?

Strange, but your loot tier seems right. 5+3. Which is the right one for A+


could be a display error. Either way it should be corrected.


I got that today too. I was first in damage and got A, while someone in 8th place got A+. The titan escaped because we lost many hours before we could attack so everyone got just loot tier 1.


Heard back from support. It is just a display error. The loot is unaffected. They are working on a fix


Hope it is soon, because the lowest attack is getting A+ and loot and if that continues it will make people not strive to hit as much or as hard. Hope this gets corrected soon.



I am new to this game, can someone explain titan performances score to me?
I the last titan I did the top damage as wells as last hit. Yet I have received performance score C. I am assuming the loot depends on this score. Is this normal, if not how do i better my score?

Thanks for any tips on this topic!


Actually, this is a known bug. The correct loot tier is showing for you, but the wrong performance score is listed!

I’ve moved this post to the thread for this in Bugs and Issues.

Also, if you are curious about how the loot tiers work you can take a peek at this post from Arien.


Thanks Coppersky! Also thanks for your game guide found it very useful!


Wondering why I got a C on attacking titan and I was by far number 1. Got a very low loop


I submitted this to Small Giant yesterday. They stated that it is just a display error and that the proper loot was given. They are working on a fix.


Here is the relevant thread.


Even do is a display error its not giving the right rewards and even lower attackers got better reward than me…


They told me it was correct loot, but ive gotten c ss top hitter twice and best rewsrd was 3 gems each time


I was the top player in a Titan Raid and only received C rewards.
Has this ever happened to anyone else?
Lower level players were given A+ rewards.


This is a known issue, the ONLY thing that matters is loot tier, not letter grade. Letter grades are not displaying correctly.

Your loot tier starts at the level of the titan, first place is three tiers higher than that. You downed a 5* titan and got tier VIII loot, so it’s working just fine.