Titan Loot data over a month - comparison between 2 accounts

Just for some data on titan loot, I’m going to post my data from when I first started tracking in detail on March 1st through April 2nd (yesterday). I’m counting all non-farmable ascension items together from Titan Loot (not titan chest though).

Main Account: this is my 7DD account. We’ve killed a 10* titan every day without missing, so 33 Titans give or take. I’ve received 15 ascension items over that time, or 0.45 items per day from titan loot. I’m usually a B hitter, sometimes C, and occasionally A. Compare that to…

Alt account: we kill every 8* and roughly 1/3 of 9* (50% kill rate on the first 9*, if we kill that one, we can’t take the 2nd one). So we’re letting every 5th or 6th titan escape. This account got 7 ascension items over that same date range, or 0.21 items per day. I’m usually an A or B hitter here.

So that alt got roughly half the titan loot ascension items the main account did.


Very interesting, so is this hinting that the higher the Titan, the higher chances at unfarmable materials? Even if anything above tier IX loot has the same 3 ascension rolls, maybe there is more at play than just loot tier #.

I do think that 33 titans is too short for a full picture. You could easily have 2 members getting the same scores in the same Titans and seeing that much disparity with this.

We are all pretty certain that titan level plays a factor in better loot chances: i.e. loot tier X on a 10* © is better than A+ on a 7*. but that’s just gut feel.

I’ll update this thread again at the end of april with more data.

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Good info here. Did you keep track of exactly how many titans got away in your alt? Clearly 10* titans give better loot on average, but it’s also a big factor that you can kill every single titan and therefore not let loot go.

How many 3* and 4* for both?

I did not keep track of the exactly how many escaped. I’d estimate every 6th titan or so. so many 5 out of the 33 days or so.

The main got 3x4* and 12x3* for a total of 15
Alt got 1x4* and 6x3* for a total of 7.

I should track too sooner or later, but i’m pretty sure that i get only 2 - 4* items mercing, lol.

3* items 20 or so, but i really don’t need them anymore.

That sounds like a high estimate killing 5/6 titans for virtually any alliance that isn’t on the 9/10* split heading towards streaks?

Vast majority of sub 10* alliances only kill 2-3 of a given level before back to promotion once they’re doing a flip flop in my experience, which sounds like a 20-25% miss rate rather than 16%… and that presumes killing the first 9* in this case.

Also probably need to really record specific loot tier, but I’m hoping to get to that sort of data once I start aggregating the titan data from the alliances which are collecting it currently.

we typically kill 4 8* in a row before being given a 9, which we kill roughly half the time. So either go 5 kills 1 miss or 4 kills 1 miss.

So the chance of getting a 4* unfarmable is 1.35% on a 12* instead of 1.32% on a 9*? :smiley:

Who knows. but it’s super low. titans are a good source of 3s not 4s. I get most of my 4 star items from quests, deals, and a mishmash of MV chests etc.

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