Titan loot calculation

I wonder if there is some kind of calculation table of the minimum to maximum loot you can get from a titan based on your rank and the titan level? What is the minimum loot I “should” get!?

I mean, beeing A+ Rank X on 8star ttian gets you …almost nothing. 3 diamonds and 6 tickets. Really folks?!

We encounter that the best titan attackers get worse loot then other a lower loot ranks and attack levels.

Everything is based on chance, so there is no guaranteed good loot on any titan. But the chances are better for higher tiers. You can check this post for more details. :slight_smile:

You can also check out this thread where players post their loots from titans, and you can see that one does get good loot fairly often if one is consistently in loot tier IX or above. :slight_smile:


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