Titan Loot Bug (Or not), I Need Explanation

Hello all,
its my 5th day in a new alliance, and we got a rare titan on 5th day. Unfortunately i did not get a “amblem” loot. I believe this should be a bug.

Hope someone can explain me what is wrong with the loot.

No bug, you ignored the info button

Free translation:
rare titan reward is reduced if you were not yet a member of the alliance when the titan appeared, or less than 12 days have passed since you received a full rare titan reward in another alliance


From version 38 release notes:

  • Rare Titan Rewards are reduced if you were not a member of the Alliance at the time the Titan appeared, or if it has been less than 12 days since you received a full Rare Titan reward in a different Alliance. Previously, you needed to be a member of the Alliance 24 hours before the Rare Titan appeared.

Any chance is this your case?


Okey guys, i neglected 12 days rule i guess… And i dont remember when was the last time i got rare titan loot :rofl:

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