Titan loot better at lower grades

How come it gives better loot at a lower grade. I got an A. Got no ascension item yet a player in the B grade did. It was a 7*. I would have thought a higher grade would have given better loot. Leant my lesson stay lower grade get better mats.

A or B on a 7* will get you into a good loot tier, but doesn’t guarantee non-farmable ascension mats. Still have to expect random results as to exactly which items you receive.

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there’s already like 47 threads about this…@Rook, can we point to one of them and close this one.


This is the long discussion on loot tiers and why it’s best not to drop levels and thereby shoot oneself in the foot:

Please read and post your questions there. This thread will be closed. :slight_smile:


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