Titan loot B is better for me

I video my last 11 titan loots, i got 8 time B grade and 3 time A
The best from A was compass
U can see what i got from my B grade

I always found A and B titan lots to be better the A+ this is a fact not fiction.
Unluckily for me I am the biggest player in alliance so always getting A+ tier witch is horrible. One 4* item in 40-50 titans A+ Tiers. Not worth of all the effort.


Well depends how many stars the titan you are fighting for… but what can change something is the loot tier…
Anyway i cant complain about A+ loot…
I suggest you track your loot and after 10 times A+ compare with 10 times A,B and C…
You will find out that tou received more AM ( yes 3* farmable do count) … the rest is rng working!

The feeling you get is because probably you have way more times loot from A and B than A+…


The drop rates are super low. In practical terms, you really need data from a few hundred titans to be able to distinguish signal from noise here. We’ve periodically talked about having a titan data project on the forum.


It’s all too random, your rank means little other than getting a smidgen of a percentage to get something better. It’s just luck.


I almost always getter better loot with a B grade. Now that we have titan parts dropping, it is even further skewed. I asked if anyone in the alliance got 4 Star parts yet, the guy who has horrible hits and usually C grade has hearts. He can’t make harpoons yet, so those of us making and using harpoons are getting 1 or 2 Star parts. Shouldn’t people actually using the harpoons get a better drop?


And for that reason, I stopped using harpoons. Creating them is super expensive but the rewards of using them are crap. Whereas those who havent made them, much less, used them, have better titan hunt loot than us harpoons users. In essence, harpoon users are rewarded with crap with all the efforts and all, while those who havent used them harpoons are rewarded with far better titan parts. This is wrong. Fix this, Small Giant.


The whole harpoon stuff and hunter lodge is a joke tbh, super expensive for nothing. I just finished the titan banner research and it cost so much to make one, forget it. I am killing titans with green banner or if it is rare with dragon banner. Using the lodge items is not worth at all. And i would probably wont make any items in the next few month. I prefer to lvl up my farm, mine and house to get more resources. The lodge is a joke and not worth investing at all. I told all my clan members that they dont need to focus on it.
And yeah i kniw it us only 11 titans loot but still i think that in my last 10 A+ i got maybe 2 ascending items. A+ loot is by far the worst of them all. I never try to get it anymore.

On something with as low of drop rates as 4* AM, you absolutely have to compare an equal number of tests to an equal number of tests, and over a VERY large sample size. I don’t know the exact drop rates, but if we assume it is similar to top percent tourney loot (2%) we can see why you SEEM to get better stuff from B loot (assuming that A or A+ actually gives you an extra material roll, which only applies at specific titan levels). At 12*, an A or better provides 4 material rolls, while a B or C gives only 3. In your example, you had 3 A’s (12 chances) compared to 8 B’s (24 chances). As you can see, though your odds were better PER titan for the A group, your overall odds of seeing materials was twice as high for the B group due to a larger number of chances.


False Forum Facts…



does the size of your alliance effect the loot drops? if a 30 man alliance is taking on 8 star titans and a 13 man allaince is taking on the same level theoretically, wouldn’t the 13 man alliance get better drops no matter what as long as they kill it? less people would mean more chances for everyone to recieve something or is this wrong?

The rolls are per player, so a 10* B loot with 30 players should be statistically identical to 10* B Loot with 3 players.

That being said, in a larger alliance with more players, there is a higher chance that someone will get loot as more people are rolling.

So the if, of the four A loot players only one reports good loot but of the 15 B loot players two report good loot it might look like B is more reliable than A.


thank I was under the impression that the drops rates were set per level of titan


Yes, see what you mean.

Sorry, I thought you meant that loot is spread out between players so the more you, have more diluted the loot

I think it’s still valid that having many more players score B rather than A can make B look better, but I appreciate that wasn’t your point!


He did mean that, and you gave the right answer :slight_smile:


My three favorite 5* Battle items:

Harpoon ( no parts needed) SIX turns Attack -25% and Defense -30% when used against a stunned titan.

Titanium shield ( 2x 1* parts ) Target and nearby reflects all status effects and 100% damage for 4 turns ( protected heroes take zero damage). Use against rare titans ( drop emblems) or Seasonal triple bosses ( drop 4* ascension items).

Panacea ( 3x 1* and 2x 2* parts ) heal all 500 HP, cleanse all, and 3 turns Attack +30% and Defense +30%. Use against rare titans ( drop emblems) or Seasonal triple bosses ( drop 4* ascension items).

As a bonus, you can make all of the above with a Lodge level 4. My Forges were 4x level 5 for a very long time.

Click for buildings upgraded before Forge level 6



For my eperience… nope, A and A+ have better loot.



That’s over a thousand more than my total #impressed


I only get ascension items when I qualify with B by defeating the Titan 5 * and 6 *. Whenever I get ranked A, I get worse loot and normal items. I talked about it with three other people who told me that the same thing happened to them.

Does the game’s algorithm have a bug and give better ascending items for B than A?

I think it just feels that way because you notice when you get a rare ascension material with B rank more (rank 6 or lower, 3.3% of titan damage) instead of A or A+ (top 5 and 1st respectively), since getting B rank is easier that getting A rank.


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