Titan loot ascension drop count thread - 1.7, now 1.8 :)

So there’s been some discussion that Titan loot may have changed with a recent update, so figure we might as well try collecting a bit of data.

If you have pictures great, if not, just be sure to count all ascension items (including the absolute gem of 3 x Strong Rope I got today in loot tier X). Same goes for photos, capture one of the materials to the left and consumables to the right to make certain all the ascension items are on screen.

Posting a few data bits from people that shared photos today in Line (used the ones you posted that were clear @Rook ), the more the merrier! Oh if you’re grabbing data from Beta (1.8) please tag it as such.

I’ll update this top post as more data is shared, probably once a day roughly.

Big thanks to everyone who helps contribute!

1.8: (loot tier : count)

XIII: 3, 3, 3, 3
XII: 3, 3, 3, 3, 3
XI: 3
X: 3
IX: 3, 3, 3
VIII: 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2
V: 2, 2
IV: 2*
I: 1*

1.7: (loot tier : count) – ARCHIVED RESULTS

XI: 3, 3
X: 3, 3
IX: 3, 3, 3
VIII: 2, 2, 2
VII: 2, 2
V: 2

Note: * = Beta 1.8

Last stat update: Thursday 4:39 pm PST.

Note x2: Likely going to stop updating loot tier VIII and other common ones, would be nice to get the other tiers at some point.


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Big D, this thread is for posting loot to see if loot drops have diminished (as someone posited). :wink:

Please see Revelate’s request above.

@Rook Yes. Hence my post. See Revelate’s post above and the screen shots that clearly show craftable to the left and consumable to the right.

PS. it was my comment that the VIII has been nerfed and so far it looks like I’m right :frowning: I’d rather be wrong…

Yeah, I’d like to see some more data around 7/8/9 but so far looks like there may have been a change; that said, in reviewing the old thread there was one (non-picture) post that stated only 2 ascension items, but all the pictures which were useful (some were cutoff) showed 3.

Thank you for adding your pics!


from my alt this morning.

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@pops - I have never seen two 3* ascension items of value until your post and we’ve killed that particular 6* several times. Wow, that’s awesome to know is a possibility.

And if that is what your last 3 wins have yielded, you are one lucky guy!


What is to the left? Need to see if they are ascension items

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Beat me to it Tal, @pops I can only use one of the 3 pictures (since there’s only so many graphics and one is clearly a crystal shard to the left).

Sorry I’ve only taken pictures of ascension items I care about when sending pics to my alliance through line. Those are not my last ones since my last few have been horrible I didn’t take pictures. Honestly my Titan chest was bad as well. I just sent pics I had sorry if it didn’t help for your purposes.

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No problem, in the future just netball the items. We’re rrying to determine how many ascension drops per tier. Of cpurse if @Petri wanted ti just tell us the answer that wpuld be even better😉


on a different note, we had someone get two 4 star items (darts and rings) today from their titan. that was a loot tier 11 and got 3 ascension items - darts, rings, sharpening stones.

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Loot tier IX is consistently 3 ascension mats still… shame abt VIII producing 2 rolls all the time :frowning: i haven’t seen a 3xroll on VIII in quite a while now…

It probably changed with 1.7 (maybe 1.6).

Have to admit wasn’t paying close attention. Actually now that 1.8 has dropped time for new chart yay!

Latest Loot


17th times the charm (16 titans without a non farmable ascension item).

Ouch. That’s definitely a nerf to tier VIII :frowning:

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I haven’t screen shorted, but I am also seeing only two ascension rolls for tier viii.
I wonder if @Petri cpuld give insight to the ninja nerf. SG said they would be more transparent in updates, but we keep finding things like this

Loot Tier VIII isn’t very good most of my alliance members agree

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