Titan Loot and Position in an Alliance

I have researched several posts on Titan Loot and I have the following questions. I would appreciate any insight from more experience players. I know from the onset that the rewards are randomized to a point. But do the odds change?

Is there a trade up\benefit from your position in an Alliance for Titian Loot?

I am currently a Level 28 (avg. 1950 Trophies), with a decent array of Heroes. I am currently in an active alliance and regularly defeats Titans. I am ranked 6 at the moment in the alliance. Is there a benefit to moving to a Higher Alliance where I might be ranked 20\25?

I would be doing less damage against stronger Titians compared to Team Members and would drop to a B or C rating.

Does the position in the Alliance\Titan Damage Rating affect the rewards?

Thank you.

As far as I know, the only influence on a Titan loot is your contribution to overall titan damage plus Titan rating (number of stars). This defines your loot tier, which in turn defines number of loot rolls you’ll get. Each roll is random and odds are the same regardless of your trophies and other achievements.



It depends on the level of the titans. For example, if you are fighting 5 titans a rating of A would give you loot tier 7 which is two Ascension material roles, however if you move to an alliance fighting 7* titans that same A gives you a third chance at a material as you are now at loot tier 9.

In your specific case if you can get a B on 7* titans instead of an A on 5* your loot tiers will increase and you will get more Ascension material roles. Keep in mind the randomness is still a thing so even with extra roles you might still not see the 3* and 4* mats you want to see until later.

Your ranking in the ally doesnt matter. Only the damage. 3.3% damage of titan total hp is B loot. At least 1% is C. Below is D.

Your goal is loot tier 9 at least because it gives 3 lootrolls. That means C on 9* or B on 8*

Short Anwser. Yes move up! Seek bigger titans, more active players in game, and find mentors if you don’t wish to stunt your growth.

(The Guides put out the “how many rolls” and grades to get there 3.3% = B etc, haven’t read/found solid information on “increased percent” for X mat/tier mat for Y size titan. But it’s a noticeable difference if you make notes)

0-1.5 Months - Went from 6 to 8 titans in first was a B looter at end - recorded all

1.5 - 4 Months - 10’s and struggled to get Bs at first (10 is a massive notable difference in quality/freq - recorded all

2 Weeks messing around on 6-8’s and was A/B looter and got 1 mat in 2 weeks/to include chests (Non elemental)

4.5 - 5 Months - 11+ Only and B looter reviving mats a much greater rate the 10’s and higher quality & mats in chests again!? Anyhow it’s a notesabke difference.

Would happy be a C/B looter on a 12 then a A+/A looter on a 10.

Thank you. That is the simple explanation I was looking for!

Am I correct in inferring that it would be recommended to move up as long as I can get a B/C rating based on my current team strength?

If you consistantly hit C you might be a burden for the ally but if they are willing to carry you you should go for it. Higher titans give better loot

This doesn’t sound right. The whole alliance can’t be at level A or B. Inevitably, some players will be at the end of a hit list. However, they contribute to an overall damage and without them titan will escape. A straw that breaks camel’s back.

Maaeetz is sort of right. If you are not hitting B rank, you’re not “pulling your weight” as it were since B rank means you’re doing at least 1/30th of the titans hp in damage. That said some people are always going to do more so others will do less. Not really an issue I don’t think unless you’re perpetually D/C rank with no sign of growth.

According to this 15 alliance members inevitable go to C grade. I don’t see how you can make your way to grade B or A if you don’t evaluate faster than other players. And if an alliance is alive and all players work to improve their roster, their power will in increase on a approximately equal pace. And a player in a C grade will remain there unless he/she was lucky to get a game changing hero (Wu Kong or Tarlak or someone else).

That thread is very outdated though, as long as you do 3.3% damage you get rank B. I personally wouldn’t want to be in an alliance if I had low hopes of reaching B even if I enter a Titan with full attacks.

I’ve added a note to the top of that thread to flag that it is dated information and link to the current research (here).


I said you „might“ and „constantly“. Usually you have strong titancolors and some where you‘re weak. So when you hit weak others hit good for you and vice versa. When you are always at the bottom - I dont know if it will be fun for you to get smashed by titans. I think you should orientate towards titan so that you can regularly reach B score (sweetspot). Thats 3.3% so on 9* it should be around 100k damage?

In open alliances with different level of players it’s hardly possible. All our recent AW counterparts were the examples of such teams: some players are from diamond league with 5* heroes, other are from diamond and below down to 2700 team strength. Actually our alliance is also of that kind.

Actually, for a 9* we’ve just killed with his 2 464 K life, 3.3% is 81K damage. In our alliance half of people do less than that. F2P players don’t have resources for fast progress, so stronger players (they played longer or spent more) do more job than the others. Still we work together and have a steady progress.

Don’t know if this helps at all, but my baby F2P account got the bonus 4* mat from a 5* rare rooster yesterday.
Lvl 27, 2800TP, 1200-1500 cups - so easily I’m not in the top 10 or even 15 of my very casual alliance. We normally take on 4* / 5* titans (lots of inactives).

So, on the 5* Rare Rooster:
Performance: A (I used a flask - I’m normally just in the mid to bottom 10. Our rares and other 5*s normally escape…)
Loot Tier: VIII
Notable loot: Mysterious Tonic, Sturdy Shield, Orb of Magic


How many alliance members can get B loot or better?

In theory, 30/30 can. B = 3.30% damage. If 30 players do the exact same damage and kill the titan, 1/30 = 3.33333%, so everybody qualifies.

I don’t know if that has ever happened, 'tho. Trying not to overshoot titan damage is quite hard to do, if you’ve never tried it. (Most people don’t have a good reason to try!)

In practice, if everybody in the alliance is capable of doing their 3.3% share in a reasonable number of hits, and tries not to overshoot, I’d guess that 25~28 people can all get a B grade or better, but I’ve never been in a full alliance where there was general effort/policy not to overshoot 3.3% titan damage, so I don’t know how well it actually works.

If you only have 15-20 members, it isn’t that hard to get everybody over the 3.3% threshold.

The other way for all members of a full alliance to get a B is more complex: everyone gets tomor just above the 3.3% threshold. Everyone below if jumps in to attack the Titan simultaneously. You all get 90 seconds, even if someone else slays the Titan, so the total damage can exceed the titan’s nominal HP.


Thank you all for all the good information.

It’s set up for everyone to get a B rating even in a full alliance (100%÷30 members= 3.3%) ranking 2-5 will get the A and #1 will get the A+.

It is funny, but I get better loot from B or C ranking on titans than I do for A or even A+. The last time I had an A and an A+ got no nonfarmable mats at all for either one. But last three titans I have gotten two Bs and a C and got an orb and compass, an orb and tabard, a warm cape and fine gloves. Go figure!

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