Titan Lock


Titan Lock a feature that allows the leader or coleader to lock the Titan so no member can attack the titan once the leader or coleader decides that the alliance can not defeat the titan after a certain time limit/hp limit is achieved. if not a lock a big message in front of the titan before the team member goes in to attack the titan to get on last hit in.


Still worth hitting losing titans at times to get better tiers. I guess it wpuld be up to alliance leader but i find it very micromanagy


on the bottom i say the feature can change to just a block message that warns everyone that the titan can not be defeated and they can hit the titan but not suggested by the leaders.

  1. love your new icon!

  2. I don’t agree with giving an alliance leader that much power. (Already, if they tell others not to attack and this order is disobeyed, they can kick out the offending player.)


here we go again Rook. on the bottom i say it can be a message in front of the titan before another player hits. not an actual lock but could be if the leader or devs chooses. thanks thats the dog imma get when i’m old and everyone is gone lol.


I read your (entire) post. I’m perfectly fine with some kind of message board (which has been suggested elsewhere in the Forums before now). But I’m absolutely against a leader having the ability to shut out his/her own players from Titan attacks as you first suggested. I stand by my first post. Icon and all. :wink: