Titan Lock / Skip Titan option / Let leaders prevent members from attacking the titan / Stop attacking Titan button / Disable or turn off Titan button

I agree!! I do think the feature should have it’s limits and especially not being able to be turned on until the 12 hour mark as a minimum. I also, like the option that all members are allowed a single hit if they have not used one. I’m not sure how much coding that would take though…but like you said having the entire alliance at least receive a minimum escape loot tier on a retreat would probably be easier and more fair option to do.

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I had to recast my vote here…

@Ravendale85, @Kerridoc, no problem. I really think this is a good idea and would like it to get as many votes as possible and hopefully the attention of the Devs

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Allow the leader the option to stop hit on a titan thats needs be pass.

Giving leaders a message box that pops up when the player logs in would solve the problem unless you are having a mutiny in which case you kick the players who dont listen to you.

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Have a button which the leader could use to turn off access to hitting the titan is an amazing idea.

As it’s been stated players come on sometimes during lunchbreaks or in short intervals wanting to do the right thing by their allience and forget to read/look at the description box.

It’s a must option

One word sums up my feelings on this: COMMUNICATION.

To elaborate a bit, I generally agree with those who are saying that rather than having an on/off switch that forces people to be unable to attack, I think you just need to work on coming up with a plan for your alliance, talking things out, getting everyone on the same page.

If you do this, and some keep attacking beyond the minimum to get loot, and they do this time and time again, and you never seem to be able to kill a titan at all because nobody ever saves up flags from an escaped titan, well… then it’s time to clean house and bring in new people who will stick with the game plan.

I feel that having a way to make someone else unable to make titan attacks is not cool, and is more open to abuse than the alternative, which is simply communicating with your people. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!


Seems like cleaning house is every top players excuse and answer for achieving anything.

What an unfriendly bunch you guys are.

Two points:

  • First, I’m far from a “top player” LOL… like, VERY far from that…

  • Second, I’m not saying to take a machete to your alliance every week in some membership massacre. I’m saying, this titan attack problem can be solved by communicating, unless you have people who don’t respond well to communication.

What would you do with someone who doesn’t go along with the team, just does their own thing, even if it proves to be detrimental to the alliance? They burn all their flags on lost causes, and you can’t kill titans regularly as a result? Or they don’t use all their war flags, and they just sit on your roster to collect rewards? Should I be “nice” and “friendly” and just accept this person for their playstyle and figure, “Oh well, maybe next time…” ??

Not every situation is about bad players as described above, most come in inbetween short breaks at work are what ever other reason and don’t think about reading or have time to read the last 50 messages to see what wad said and that’s is those last 50 messages didn’t already remove your message about not hitting the titan.

These players come in wanting to do the right thing by their allience by using hits. Are going to boot those players out because they are trying to squeeze you in during their real life.
Are you saying these players should put a game before their real life duties and if they don’t to boot them out.

Not every situation calls for booting players out.

This about players not seeing the message board not players not hitting or participating. Getting mixed up a bit their, vast differences between the 2.

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Please stop trying to imagine what I’m trying to say. Why don’t you read what I said, instead?

Nowhere did I say that players should put a game before real life. Nowhere did I say that I’d boot out players who are trying to squeeze in a game.

But if we discuss things and say, “Hey, it looks like we can do about 100K damage per hour as a group… so if there are 12 hours left, and still 2000K health left on the Titan, then give it a whack so you’ll get loot, but don’t burn ALL your flags on it” - if people have read and acknowledged that as our general gameplan, and a couple people keep ignoring it and we keep struggling to kill titans, well then yeah… boot those people if they continually ignore attempts to communicate with them. :slight_smile:

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As I said vast differences.

The bottom line is having some sort of stop button the leader could control would make things so much easier for the whole allience.

Simples, lol

I myself am the leader of a very very active alliance with different roles for different players and we work as a team using the description board for messages and still miss messages because I cone in for quick spurts during breaks so I know the feeling when it happens and every member their love the idea of being able to

Lol finally someone that understands the point of an alliance is teamwork and not dictating other’s decisions.

A simple “dont hit the titan” in the alliance description is more than enough for any team player who pays attention and follows the guidelines in place for himself and his teammates

It’s 4 words. If a player really cant follow instructions that consist of 4 words, then it’s an obvious boot. Boot is the only button needed to solve at least 90% of alliance issues. Surprisingly i dont have to boot that often but have no problem doing it.

Alliances are not a new feature and are not ran any different than they were 2 years ago. I’ll never understand why they get treated as some new thing that just got implemented.


Not a new feature we know, lol but booting is what you do when you can’t control your alliance because they don’t listen to you. Basically the easy way of dealing with what you can’t handle.

No everyone who woukd like this feature has those problems and it’s only suggested as a means of making things easier for the whole team, but hey if booting is your only answer to everything then by all means go a boot them out, fortunately in life there are better people than that who have have more respect for others.

Lol like i said i rarely have to do it. Look how long my recruiting ads stay active or how often i’m in AR. We do just fine with teamwork. No extra features needed.

Thanks for the laugh

FYI: leading an alliance isn’t about control. It’s about getting a group of players together with common goals and mind sets. I keep players that choose not to hit an escaping titan. I don’t want players that need a feature in order for them to be a team player. Might rethink your assesment of me and yourself then try again.

You are advocating a button to control players, not me. The boot button is simply a button to use when an individual doesn’t fit into a team. I want 1 team of 30 individuals. Not just a social group of 30 individuals.

Any player that doesnt think of the other 29 players in our alliance isn’t welcomed and yes is booted and rightfully so.

How you can’t see logic in that is beyond me. But i’ve never understood your way of thinking and never will.


I’m all for this option being available.

Leaders at least then have a CHOICE to use it or not.

Just because you may not personally use it, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be available to people who do want it.

It’s like a bicycle. Just because you don’t want one doesn’t mean bicycles shouldn’t be made. Especially when other people really want a bicycle - why should others not have one just because you wouldn’t ride one?

I think allowing leaders to “turn off” titans will cause more problems than it solves, but having the ability to post messages that pop up when people go to the titan page (or war page) would be a big help.


That works too and has been suggested. I think the point everyone is asking for in the long run is a means of instant awareness of a notice when they log on rather than expecting every player to read through 50 messages to see if they missed something everytimethey log on and it being there is only if it hasn’t disappeared because the rest of the alliance was in a chatty mood and the message has gone awall.

If you where ti combine this OP with all the others about popup message boards, notice boards, opt out buttons etc it all boils down to one thing really.

The leaders as well as many players wanting some sort of instant notification system which hits members in the face as they log on.

This business these so called great top players have that the o ly answer is to boot others out is just what people do when they have no control over others not to forget it only shows you have a total lack of disrespect for others. Booting players out because the system doesn’t adequately provide the necessary notification options an allience needs to run smoothly only without creating animosity between members after having been told in a 1000 different ways only shows the SG devs encourage it over wanting to bring players together. The fact the excuse for not have chat between AW alliences is an excellent example of this ad they it would create problems when in fact problems is what they encourage but I guess that’s the difference between a game that makes $150k a day and one that makes $500k’s a day.

These requests would only bring players closer together and as proven many times before , a happy player is one that spends money, a pissed of player is one that annoys others and does nothing but complain.

So for those who think booting friends out is the only answer to having a good allience then I say BOLLICKS.


I think THIS is a great idea. :slight_smile: It would improve communication, and averts the problem of someone not seeing the chat (esp. if they are just logging in for a quick hit and don’t have time to read a chatty backlog).