Titan Lock / Skip Titan option / Let leaders prevent members from attacking the titan / Stop attacking Titan button / Disable or turn off Titan button

Interesting idea, but I don’t think I can support it. The fact is there are often issues where titans aren’t going down, but people still need to hit. Case and point imagine a situation where, as a co-leader, one saw there was no way a titan could be taken down. However, they had all their flags and let the leadership know they could still hit for sake of loot. The harsh reality when it comes to titans, even those who escape, is that if you don’t hit at all you get no loot. This means that if a “HardLock” existed and a selfish leader decided to block the titan they might stop true progress of those who still need it.
The fact is in an alliance if someone doesn’t get any lootrole because of “Retreat” before a titan can be hit the leadership has completely shut out their opportunity to get anything. This might deny them the one orb or even one darts, rings etc. that they needed.
Case and point I have pulled Ascension items on escaped titans and been able to better help my alliance because of them in future. I will agree that if everyone who has hit with less than 2 hrs left suggests it using the alliance banner, chat, discord, line etc would be a good option, but we already have an option for dealing with players who are selfish and or don’t hit using titan retreat to punish those who can’t get online frequently is not a way to achieve this. Please consider this before you cast your votes.


I think you have a very valid point. Of course everyone should get a hit in to get escape loot. As with everything, a feature can be abused. If you’re in an Alliance with a leader that would do such a thing, then you are under terrible leadership and a setting like the one I’ve suggested doesn’t change that fact. However, being a Co myself, I know that if at the 12-9 hour mark we have no ability to take a Titan down, I have to look at the alliance as a whole and the greater good. If there are a few members that will loose out on minimal escspe loot, but the possible gain of rare Titan loot being our next (you can usually predict when you’re due for one) then by all means I would choose to retreat so that my alliance would get the greater benefit. Also, while I might make the decision at the 12-9 hour mark that it will be a retreat, I may still wait until the 6 hour mark to initiate the actual retreat, so that there is ample opportunity for those members to get in hits while still preserving our ability to go into the next Titan fully flagged. Some are worth fighting until the bitter end and resting the next. For example…we fight a rare until last 2 hours and state our next WILL be a retreat, get your hits in before 10 hours. Our members will know in advance. As with everything, concessions cannot be made for every single member of an alliance otherwise there would be no progress.

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I would actually want this to wars too. I hate, when players attack, when we are waiting for teams to be revived. Would make leader job much easier. Now you need to post chat every 10 minutes to not attack. Most of us know the rules, but in hurry those might be unread sometimes. :wink:

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I’m for this idea wholeheartedly. The only real control alliance leadership has over anything is demotions or kicks. Which really isn’t control, it’s just punishment.


Agreed, but I would only want to have this available after the titan clock passes 12 hours remaining. Maybe allow for 1 hit if someone hasn’t gotten a hit in the titan yet? Or, once that option is chosen, everyone in the alliance gets at least the lowest possible escaped tier reward.


I think this idea has already been put forward here:

and I voted for that.

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Thanks for adding that discussion feed…I guess the key words I searched with did not bring this up in my search.

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I agree!! I do think the feature should have it’s limits and especially not being able to be turned on until the 12 hour mark as a minimum. I also, like the option that all members are allowed a single hit if they have not used one. I’m not sure how much coding that would take though…but like you said having the entire alliance at least receive a minimum escape loot tier on a retreat would probably be easier and more fair option to do.

Good catch on the duplicate. I’m going to merge, which should release the votes already used on this thread. Please recast those on this thread!

[UPDATE] It appears that some votes did carry over.


I had to recast my vote here…

@Ravendale85, @Kerridoc, no problem. I really think this is a good idea and would like it to get as many votes as possible and hopefully the attention of the Devs

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Allow the leader the option to stop hit on a titan thats needs be pass.

Giving leaders a message box that pops up when the player logs in would solve the problem unless you are having a mutiny in which case you kick the players who dont listen to you.

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Have a button which the leader could use to turn off access to hitting the titan is an amazing idea.

As it’s been stated players come on sometimes during lunchbreaks or in short intervals wanting to do the right thing by their allience and forget to read/look at the description box.

It’s a must option

One word sums up my feelings on this: COMMUNICATION.

To elaborate a bit, I generally agree with those who are saying that rather than having an on/off switch that forces people to be unable to attack, I think you just need to work on coming up with a plan for your alliance, talking things out, getting everyone on the same page.

If you do this, and some keep attacking beyond the minimum to get loot, and they do this time and time again, and you never seem to be able to kill a titan at all because nobody ever saves up flags from an escaped titan, well… then it’s time to clean house and bring in new people who will stick with the game plan.

I feel that having a way to make someone else unable to make titan attacks is not cool, and is more open to abuse than the alternative, which is simply communicating with your people. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!


Seems like cleaning house is every top players excuse and answer for achieving anything.

What an unfriendly bunch you guys are.

Two points:

  • First, I’m far from a “top player” LOL… like, VERY far from that…

  • Second, I’m not saying to take a machete to your alliance every week in some membership massacre. I’m saying, this titan attack problem can be solved by communicating, unless you have people who don’t respond well to communication.

What would you do with someone who doesn’t go along with the team, just does their own thing, even if it proves to be detrimental to the alliance? They burn all their flags on lost causes, and you can’t kill titans regularly as a result? Or they don’t use all their war flags, and they just sit on your roster to collect rewards? Should I be “nice” and “friendly” and just accept this person for their playstyle and figure, “Oh well, maybe next time…” ??

Not every situation is about bad players as described above, most come in inbetween short breaks at work are what ever other reason and don’t think about reading or have time to read the last 50 messages to see what wad said and that’s is those last 50 messages didn’t already remove your message about not hitting the titan.

These players come in wanting to do the right thing by their allience by using hits. Are going to boot those players out because they are trying to squeeze you in during their real life.
Are you saying these players should put a game before their real life duties and if they don’t to boot them out.

Not every situation calls for booting players out.

This about players not seeing the message board not players not hitting or participating. Getting mixed up a bit their, vast differences between the 2.

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Please stop trying to imagine what I’m trying to say. Why don’t you read what I said, instead?

Nowhere did I say that players should put a game before real life. Nowhere did I say that I’d boot out players who are trying to squeeze in a game.

But if we discuss things and say, “Hey, it looks like we can do about 100K damage per hour as a group… so if there are 12 hours left, and still 2000K health left on the Titan, then give it a whack so you’ll get loot, but don’t burn ALL your flags on it” - if people have read and acknowledged that as our general gameplan, and a couple people keep ignoring it and we keep struggling to kill titans, well then yeah… boot those people if they continually ignore attempts to communicate with them. :slight_smile:

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As I said vast differences.

The bottom line is having some sort of stop button the leader could control would make things so much easier for the whole allience.

Simples, lol

I myself am the leader of a very very active alliance with different roles for different players and we work as a team using the description board for messages and still miss messages because I cone in for quick spurts during breaks so I know the feeling when it happens and every member their love the idea of being able to