Titan Levels

Due to our alliance leader and a co-leader quitting the game without promoting a successor, the remaining members decided to start and move to a new alliance. It has been 5 days and we have gotten five 1* titans spawned. These titans are defeated within minutes by the first 4 or 5 players to attack. I have read that the time to defeat a titan is not factored into moving up to the next level, but 5 straight 1*'s? Our old alliance was bouncing back and forth between 5* and 6* titans and it would take 2 and occasionally 3 wins before moving back up a level. What determines when you move up a level? Is there something we should be doing differently that would expedite us getting back to higher level titans?

Keep killing the Titans. You will move up.

Question: is there a wide disparity between your top and bottom players’ scores?

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Five 1* in a row is curious. What are your alliance points?

In addition, if you all know each other, why not hold back on the titan attacks, so that each alliance member can get a hit in and share in the loot? Also get a titan kill for the 5 titan chest?

Our current alliance is approx. 50 days old. (we split off from another alliance, due to different goals)
And with the baby titans, we all held back, so that each member was able to get a little hit in.

Just a suggestion, to make it more fair to all of your members :slight_smile:

edit: we had baby titans for approx. 2 weeks. Now we kill 7* and 8* titans.


Same here. We wrote instructuns in our alliance description. Like “just one hit until 8 pm”.
My personal “highscore” was 2 points then - try to beat this :slight_smile:

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We started socializing the titans after the first few. Our alliance points is around 30k. Not every member left the old alliance. I think there were a few that did not speak English and were unaware of what was going down. We have not opened up our alliance to new members, as it is unlikely that they would stick around while we grind through the low level titans.

Now I am not an expert, but the 30k alliance points just may be the reason that you are getting all these 1* titans .

The more alliance points, the higher the titans that you get. Although every new alliance starts out with 1* baby titans.

My advice:

  1. increase your alliance points by doing pvp and gaining cups (also nice food to be had from winning)
  2. do recruit. If you mention that you have a new alliance, most people know to expect baby titans for a little while
  3. when recruiting at this time, also consider people whose level is below yours … if they have halfway decent heroes. - Filling your alliance will increase your alliance points ( the new recruits bring their cups) and thus your chance of progressing to higher titans.
  4. and last: get a chat program such as line. so you have a chance to stay in contact with people outside the game.

Best of luck!

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I was asking to try to find out if there is a formula or reasoning to how and when you move up to the next level of titan. After five 1* titans, we only had two 2* titans and just defeated our first 3*. I did not know if there was something we could or should be doing different or if it is pretty much random. It’s looking like it is random-ish.

There is a formula, but it is secret. You can even skip titan levels

Well, of course there’s a formula, but likely one that contains quite a bit of randomness. There does not appear to be any sort of set rules regarding levelling up through the ranks of titans. After getting five 1* titans to start, I was worried that maybe the first time through you had to defeat each color of titan at each level. So, all we can do is to keep stomping whatever titan spawns and hope to move up as quickly as possible.

Go figure… Five 1* titans, two 2* titans, one 3* titan and now we have a 4* titan. Not complaining…just wish I understood how it works…even a little bit.

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We find that we get 2-3 escalating same star titans before moving up, MOST of the time but not ALL of the time. For example - a 6* with 123k, followed by a 6* with 142k followed by 16* with 163k and then a 7* that may have like 150k and the cycle repeats. Not a science behind it but what we see (all numbers are references only and not real).

Same experience. Pretty much same progression. I don’t think the 5 1* is unexpected or out of the ordinary. Frustrating, yes.

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I agree. We have also split from a leader that went MIA. Our alliance is now 55k trophies and 1482 for titan. (down from 115k)
We were able to keep 26 out of 30 members. Have had 2 one-star titans and just finished our first 2-star.
Is there a score card or something out there to set expectations?
Ex: 1400-1600 = 2-star titan. 1601-1800 = 3-star, etc.
Just eager to know what it will take to get us back to 9* titans.
Curse our old past leader. Haha.
Thank you!

Score does not affect it. Just kill the titans (don’t even have to do it fast, speed doesn’t affect either) and hope that they grow fast.

Really? Nothing to make it more swift of a process? Ugh… bummer.