Titan levels screwy – killed a Titan and got a lower level Titan

Can anyone explain why we killed a 10*, got a 9* and killed it with 5 hours remaining and just got a … 9*??? Is there something going on with titans that i missed?

Rngesus is a jerk sometimes.


Hm. I always thought if you killed a 10 you’d get a 10 next unless you had already killed a few…then you’d get an 11. I don’t think we’ve ever gone backwards in our alliance when killing titans.

I think you need to kill them quicker than that.

My alliance got a little lazy the past few days, due to our schedules not synching well with titan spawn times… let 2 titans in a row escape and we dropped down a level. Which is fine, that was on us. But every titan since, we’ve killed in the first 12 hours… 4 swiftly killed titans later, still haven’t gotten back to our original level. I’m guessing (hoping?) the next one will bring us back up to our original level.

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It only takes us to miss one to drop a level

Yeah, that’s usually how it works for us, we miss one, drop a level, kill the next and go back up a level. But this time we missed 2 in a row and now we’ve been stuck on the lower level for several in a row. I’m not blaming the game, it was our fault. We’ll just have to keep killing the lower levels as quickly as possible until we can convince the AI that we’re ready to move back up again I guess. :man_shrugging:

This happens sometimes, thanks to RNG, and was confirmed by Staff to be expected behavior a long time ago:

Just adding a link to this other recent thread too: V22 bug? Titan regression



I’ve actually also had the opposite problem, where we killed a titan, the next one was the next level up, we barely killed that one, then the next one after that was another level higher. Like, holy crap man, you expect us to go up 2 titan levels in 2 days? Yes we’re growing, but not that fast. :laughing:

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@zephyr1 thanks for the response, the only one that actually pertained to the issue. I did a support ticket to see what they have to say. Could you close this thread.


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No problem, hope Support is helpful! :slight_smile:

I’ve closed the thread per your request.

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