Titan Level Advice- picking an alliance

I’m at the place where I can get in the top 5 damage on a titan on a 5-6*, or get 20th on a 9-10*. trying to decide which type of alliance to stay in…is it better to hit top 5 on lower star titans, or get a lower ranking on a higher star titan?

It’s all about the mat rolls,

If you grade a on an 8*
Or b on a 9*
Or even c on a 10* you will get 3 x mat rolls
Thereby giving you more chances at ascending mats, which is the main reason to kill titans

So even thou it feels very frustrating slapping a 9/10* and being so low on leader board it will still pay to be hitting higher titans in the longterm

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Titan Loot tier formula when succesfully defeat titan:

Titan ☆ + Attack Grade Points

Attack Grade Points:
A+ = 3
A = 2
B = 1
C = 0

Rank 2-5 = Grade A

Grade A on 6☆ = 6+2=8 = Tier VIII

Grade C on 9☆ = 9+0=9 = Tier IX

Grade B on 9☆ = 9+1=10 = Tier X

Grade C on 10☆ = 10+0=10 = Tier X

As @Dragonst666 mentioned, at loot tier X you will have 3 rolls of ascension materials. I believe 3 rolls of ascencion materials start to be available from tier IX though.


Depends on why you’re in the alliance too. If they’re your friends and/or you see signs of improvement then there’s reasons to stay.

That judgement and decision is up to you though. Alliances are for more than just slapping titans silly and fighting in wars. I got a good thing going with the one I’m at, so even though I know I could be killing 11*-12* titans I stay with the one I’m at.


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