Titan last hit after time expires



Sure is peculiar how in the last final seconds of fighting a Titan… your hero charges up but all of a sudden you get a cascade of tiles that prevent you from using your special…

…AND WHEN THE FINAL SECOND TICKS…the cascade all of a sudden stops at the same time and you can not activate your special…but then the developers take it an even step further…

…and proceed to let the Titan get one last attack in on you…

I know I’m not the only one that has seen or noticed this.


It’s not a conspiracy mate haha. That’s just the luck of the game. I would say that all the damage from the combo would be wayyyyy more damage than the special. Also. If the timer is up, it shouldn’t worry you if the titan gets one last hit as it won’t affect your score whether your heroes are dead or alive. If it really bothers you, be smarter than the game and take advantage of it… I take a riposte hero and make use of his last attack and get and extra 600+ on the board.


The titan always has the last hit… unless he is dead, of course.


This always seemed unfair until I realized that the titan’s last hit is irrelevant. Your attack is done, and whether they live or die after the clock hits zero is meaningless.


I took down a rare titan several seconds after the timer ran out thanks to a long cascade. They work both ways, and usually the hits from the cascades do more damage than my hero’s special would have. I always try to get a cascade going in those final seconds so that they do a little extra damage after the timer is out.


Or stunned 20 characters


For the longest time my only 4* blue was Boril. As such I always liked the Titan getting one last hit in. Sometimes he would cause himself well over a thousand extra damage from Riposte.