Titan kills not registering on PoV

I killed 8 or 9 titans whilst away from my Alliance and none have registered on my PoV meaning l wasted 3 flasks plus my accrued 3 hits. Any ideas how l gain them back please?

Thank goodness, SG has fixed this exploit finally.


Ultimately, if your alliance is anywhere close to competent (and you hit all titans), the titans block isn’t any big hurdle to finish in PoV. I think you only have to kill 2 out of 3… Why the rush?

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This is a question for Support, not the Forum.

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Have you always been waiting for the loot screen or did you leave the alliances before that?
In the first case: Thanks SG for stopping the useless mercing during PoV. :+1:


That’s the first thing that came to my mind - did you wait to claim the loot from the killed titan before leaving the alliance (assuming you have at least 1 hit on it)?

EDIT: Another common mistake people do is they do not notice/know that after completing each tier of a certain challenge (specifically for the titan is 5,6,7,8,9 kills), counting resets and starts at 0 again. So you might check at which tier you are at the titan kill challenge.


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Exactly what @TribL said. For titan kills to register, you have to wait to collect the loot.


Probably not a bug. A couple of our members returned from mercing, after staying long enough to collect the loot, and their kills counted on PoV.


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