Titan kill with wrong loot

Hi, I got an A rank after a Titan kill. But, not only did the loot screen not show but the loot history screen showed me only with two loot rolls. See screenshots for proof.

You probably have got more than that, but that recent activity only shows 3* or higher items. It won’t show 1* and 2* items.


I didn’t get a Titan kill loot screen though.

There could be a few reasons for that but your history does show the 3* loot you recieved. What I’d really like to know, is that Mission reward your tourney loot?? Nice job!

he just finished valhalla season


I have the same issue i just got 3 diamonds
And there was no loot screen either

So titan defeated doesn’t show up when on stronghold screen.
I’ll keep eye on this to see anymore issues.


Is there any way of checking to be sure I got the correct number of Loot rolls?

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Only way is too contact support.

Give as much information as possible also copy the link to this thread to them.

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