Titan kill shots

On our last Titan victory - about 39
0 minutes ago, I was the last player and had the “kill” shot. It has not been reflected in the box in upper left corner with my personsl stats. I had 33 shots before this Titan, so I should have 34, but I do NOT.
Please assist …

Can you provide screenshot? Did you saw the titan explode at the end of your attack (before you went back to titan tab)?

I have experienced it before, but the case was like this:

  • Before I attacked the titan, it has 15000 hp
  • I and another teammate attack at the same time, he hit for 10.000, I hit for 13.000
  • Neither if us saw the titan killed (still have 2000 hp when times ran out) but when we went back to titan tab, its already defeated.
  • My account is written last with that 13.000 damage.
  • My titan kill shots didn’t increase, neither my teammate.

I have also experienced this:

  • Titan have 12.000 hp left.
  • I and 2 others alliance teammate attack at the same time.
  • We finish at different time but all of us deal 12.000 damage each and saw the titan explode.
  • All three of us got titan kill count increased.

Based on those experience, I conclude that titan kill count is only increased if we see the titan exploded when we kill it during battle. It is possible that 0 alliance member receive the kill count but it is also possible that multiple member receive it.


It’s also possible that two alliancemates see it explode as they attack it at the same time. The one who gets it first gets credit.

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Actually, it doesn’t need to be at the same time.

Both of them will get credit as long as they saw the titan explode, no matter who saw it first.

  1. YES - I saw the Titan Explode …

  2. I was the last attacker, as the score I received was the same score

as the power shown on the Titan when I engaged.

  1. The list of our alliance members in the Event Log showed me as the

last attacker.

I think all of this clearly shows I was the last attacker and therefore my Player Profile should show the increase in my " Finishing Titan Strike"


Thanks, RGS

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Maybe you can submit a support ticket regarding game issue:

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