Titan kill not counting for Valor rewards

I collected titan rewards 18 hours ago and then about 40 minutes ago.

It is exactly as @Guvnor said. In my alliance too, I collected the first titan reward just before PoV started, and the 2nd one today, so for me it reads 1/5 even though we defeated 2 titans. But some of my alliance mates who logged in later got both the kills and have 2/5. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


I collected from a titan just minutes after the PoV went live. Another member logged on after and didn’t get the credit for it. I think it was just a matter of timing?

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Are you saying that your Valour Challenge only shows 1/5 on it?

Can you please SS that & post?

Maybe its a buffering thing? Takes a little for it to come through?

Did they actually hit the titan that died? Might also be a loot tier thing if its below C ranks missing out

Yep, everyone hit the titan

Hmm most curious…

For the 19hour ago one, did you actually hit the titan? Like what grade did you get for it (A, B, C, D or N.A?)

I hit it, but don’t remember the grade. Must’ve been B or lower seeing as how I didn’t get any 3* items, so quite possibly C. Checking with the others in my alliance that got 1/5 for their grades too

I’m honestly not sure then… If you hit it & collected rewards AFTER Path of Valour started then it SHOULD have counted.

Maybe launch a ticket with Support:

I’ll do that and let everyone know their response. Strange that more people haven’t reported this

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Our alliance leader takes screenshots of titan scores for reference and tracking, and we let the one go yesterday (thought we killed it), and I remember I logged in a hour before PoV started and collected the rewards for the one we finished during the night. We have members in several time zones, so the ones that got 2/5 must’ve collected after PoV started.

Thanks all!


This is an interesting conundrum though. If your titan escaped then it shouldn’t count as killed though. So maybe since it was a pass on the titan, maybe some of your friends went to kill titans in other alliances?

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I think it’s as he said.

The ones who got the 2/5 got the first credit for the titan which was 3 titans ago… For some people they collected the loot BEFORE Path of Valour started. For others, because it was during the night, they collected the loot AFTER the challenge started (and hence got credit)

The pass titan didn’t count for anyone.

The most recent titan was attributed to al alliance members.

So yeah, it all makes sense if that was the case:
Titan 1 = killed (technically) before PoV started, but because some people were asleep they colelcted loot after PoV & hence got credit towards the challenge (PoV is linked to the collection of loot not the actually killing motion of the titan).
Titan 2 = pass titan. Didn’t count for anyone
Titan 3 = killed titan. Counted for everyone.


Hmm, that could be a possibility. :slight_smile:

Yes! A couple of our players have 4 kills, the rest have 3. Haven’t polled the whole alliance. No one has left, all are participating in kills. We are a globally spread group. What is happening here.

If you killed a titan before the POV started and collected the loot it won’t count. If you collected the loot when POV started even know it’s the same titan and the POV points will count.
That’s what I what I’m getting from it!

Having the same issues.
Collected the loot. But not credited for it.

Just make sure you haven’t rolled over into the next tier of the Valour Challenge.

If you’re still worried and sure that it didn’t credit, I would contact support, preferably with some screenshots to make their life easier.

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