Titan kill award when multiple players attack?

This is more curiosity than anything. When multiple members are attacking a Titan when it is killed, who is awarded the kill? Would it be the last member listed in the attack log?

Pretty sure it’s the one(s) delivering the killing blow(s). That is, 0, or 1, or more than one players get the ‘finishing strike’ increased (or whatever it’s called).

Only one will get the kill. My question is If the last recorded attacker in the attack log is the one who registered the kill.

Not always, at least once I was listed last but my count didn’t increase.


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I have observed in my Aaliance instances of multi players simultaneously attacking when a Titan is killed, but only one was awarded a kill in their stats. This type of situation has occurred 9 times in the past 4 month and not once has multiple players recorded kills on a single Titan.

Have you seen instances where multiple people have recorded kills on a single Titan?


Thanks for the info. That’s what I thought.

This is also what I have seen in our alliance. Admittedly only noticed this once as not something I have paid any attention since the first observation

I think some examples would help. Let’s say titan has 20K HP left and 3 players attack simultaneously. The order in which they start their attacks doesn’t matter as long as none of them finishes before another one starts. Some possible results:

  1. Player A does 8K damage, B does 15K, C does 10K. => None of them gets the kill, titan is dead.
  2. A does 15K damage, B does 20K, C does 12K. => Only B gets the kill.
  3. A does 20K, B does 18K, C does 20K => Both A and C get the kill.

In all cases those that do 20K damage see the titan “die” at the end of the fight and get the kill count increased. The order in the attack log is the order in which the fights finished.


That helps to understand. It is a simple way to handle and understand it.