Titan issue


he titan is killed, but it didn’t gave us the titan parts.

Hi !! Titan parts will only be dropped if you attained the minimum requirements of Giant Harpoons used. The minimum requirements vary from titan rarity. You will be able to determine whether your alliance has already reached the minimum requirements of Harpoons at the Titans Page. I am sure there are posts here informing the minimum, medium and maximum requirements for Harpoons to get the titan parts.

But if you insists that your group was able to attain the minimum Harpoon requirements eligible for titan parts drop, please file a support ticket, attaching screenshots supporting and proving your claim.

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Harpoon used 47.
Thats above every first threshold, even for 14* titans.

Do you mean no rewards at all or only titan parts are missing?

Only the parts

If you had reduced loot tier you don’t get titan parts.

Reduced loot explanation:



Welcome back to the forum…

Um… I don’t know if you’re being serious, or testing other forum users.

The screenshot of the defeated titan would clearly illustrate the number of harpoons used. Why include the summary of titan hits :sweat:?

GL in your investigation.

Hi, yesterday I left the clan for 5 minutes. Probably that is why I have reduced loot.

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Ahhh… That might explain everything!

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