Titan is stronger but only for some

hello. i do not know if this is a bug or not. i used to make 20k damage on titans and this is the 5 titan where i canot go under 10k. i use the same heroes, except that they are stronger. i cannot believe that i am lev 38 and a 24 levels makes more damage on it ( with weaker heroes) than i do.
i cannot believe that on raids a weeker level beats me.
this is very frustrating.
i spent a lot of money i cannot believe that i do not have the ascens stuff and a 20lev ( met in raids has 4 5* heroes on maximum level)

i cannot make more than 10k damage ( sorry this forum shows bad in on my phone- i cannot see what i am writing)

these are my heroes. i cannot believe that i cannot make damege on titans

What level of Titans (how many stars) do you deal with?

And what color? If purple, I can see your problem.

I get the mana if your pre-charging a hero. I do it all the time with Gormak or Boril. (I don’t have a Wu). Loose the heal, there isn’t time. Use banners and bombs for defense and attack.
What color are you stacking against?
Great team,

My first question would be what color titan are you fighting against. My follow-up questions would be: 1) Where is your defense down? 2) Where is your attack buffer 3) Do you have Wu Kong or Tarlak?

we fight 6 * titan purple. i changed the team and got 13 -15 k damage`

i change my team according to the color

If you’re fighting a purple titan I would take either Grimm/Gormek/Isarnia/Wilbur over Gravemaker and a BoldTusk/Kiril or 4th yellow over an Alasie or add on a dragon/bear banner for the attack buff if you don’t have BT/Kiril.

the problem is i used to make 20k damage. and a 25 level makes more than me…
i do not want to win all the time but i am the strongest in my alliance so i aspect to make the more damage
ok. it is about the luck but this is my 5 titan where i cannot make at least with one flag 20k that i used to make

1: You have an armor debuffer. This is a key component.

If you have Grimm/Gormek/Tibertus/Wilbur. Bring one of them.

2: You dont have an attack buffer (or banners). Also a key component.

If you have, mainly, Boldtusk or Kiril bring them. If not bring bear or dragon banners.

3: You dont have an attack debuffer (or axes etc). This is also good to have.

If you have Scarlett or someone with a similar skill bring her. Otherwise bring axes/bombs.


Hi, hope this is a good place for this… the titan’s appear too fast… either slow down or make points come faster than 3+ hours… we are losing to them because we can’t fight it properly… thank you

You get one flag every 4 hours. A new titan appears every 23 hours. If you manage your flags, you should be able to get 5 hits on each titan. If that isn’t enough and titans keep escaping, the level and HP of the titan you are fighting will decrease, so you shouldn’t have to let more than a couple go before you reach one you can manage :slight_smile:

I definitely don’t want the appearance rate to slow down. The faster they appear, the faster my titan chest fills. A few get away, but it all works out. I know it stinks when one you were close to killing escapes, but it happens to every alliance. If everyone in your alliance isn’t attacking enough, either make stricter rules or you can search for another alliance. Many alliances require at least 5 attacks per titan.


I guess it only seems that way if you can kill titans fast… seems by the time we kill one another appears 2-3 hours later… so, zero time to get flags… (thanks for proper term, too)… only ten in alliance right now so takes us longer… trying to build… :>

Ahhh… @Orvonton64 It makes sense then that the titans seem to appear too quickly if there are only 10 of you hitting the titan.

Can I suggest recruiting more members to share the load (I know, easier said then done). If you haven’t done so already, a post in the alliance recruitment section, and there is AR in global chat, and Line & Discord groups you could join too. A complement of 30 members will make hitting titans less of a chore.

Alternatively, purposely releasing the odd titan is another strategy, ensuring when the random rare titan shows you all have maximum flags at the start, to defeat it.

Good luck.

Ps. Welcome to the forum


You kill the titan
The next one appears 2h later
You don’t have enough flags to kill it
So you let it go without any attacks after 11h hours mark
This way everyone have full flags for the next one plus there’s a chance it will be weaker

Most alliances use this strategy, except the top ones that could keep killing 12* titans continuously


So when you kill 1 titan at the end of thime ore 1-3 hours to the next one respawn just take the decision of not kill it than suspend attack when 12hrs missing to the next one shows up…
That way all aliance members will have 3 shots when it shows up and that buys you time to kill a few more titans…
When you arrive to the point the killing is again too narrow repeat the process and that way your alliance will be able to kill a few in a row than pass one

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