Titan is erasing/removing attack debuffs! [Fixed in v26]

Okay, so this has been happening since the last update but I kept forgetting to get a video of it. Well, I got the video this morning. I’m attacking a 14* Icehammer Giant (blue Titan), using Evelyn, Zeline, Kingston, Lianna, and Tarlak. I do their special attacks in that order, not counting Tarlak’s. After their mana’s full, I fire all 4, then do moves to refill their mana, then fire specials again, and so on. Well, the second time of firing their special attacks in that order, the attack debuff gets erased. It still has one turn left of Kingston’s attack debuff, so when I fire Zeline’s & then Kingston’s special, it just disappears from the Titan!

The specials work the first time, but not the second time in the video. I’m pretty sure it only happens if there’s still an active attack debuff applied that it disappears, not positive though. It happens at around 13 seconds left on the timer.

Please fix this! I don’t think people are noticing it because of being on a timer and just doing the moves as fast as they can. I noticed it the first time when the Titan one-shot my full-HP hero when it should’ve had -51% attack. Thanks for checking on it!
Here is the link for the video:

Edit: Removed pictures and added link to video, per request from Moderator.

Unfortunately they are quite blurry. No one can actually upload videos to the forum, everyone uploads to YouTube and pastes the link in the forum post. Are you able to do that?

You’re much more likely to get some ideas if we can see it as a video :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay I removed the pictures and added the link to the video. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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It does seem weird… Like some kind of strange interaction between the Kingston One & Zeline’s special…


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dont have Kingston, but it almost seems like Kingston’s debuff’s counter isnt renewed, if cast before it expired. so it was at the 4th turn when you cast it again, and instead of going back to 1, it just vanished after the 4th turn.
try on the world monsters, cast it over existing debuff and see if the counter is back to 4 turns left or stays the same.

No, it was still during the 4th turn that it disappears. The 4th turn was in progress but wasn’t over until after I made another tile match. Zeline’s attack debuff was also erased, like the two attack debuffs cancelled each other out or something, not really sure… :thinking:

pretty sure Zeline’s was replaced by Kingston’s. yeah, you made the match and the 4th turn was over. since you used specials and made the match kinda quick, and it is all blurry, it is hard to see exactly when Kingston’s debuff disappears - after you cast it again or after you matched the tiles.

@baga Actually no I didn’t do a tile match after their specials, which is why the Titan didn’t do an attack on me. I was still in the fourth turn, did the 4 special attacks from left to right, then waited to see if the debuff stayed, which it did not. Look at the tiles before and after and you’ll see they’re the same.

And even if I did do a tile move, there would still be 3 turns left on Kingston’s attack debuff. It’s been doing this same thing for a while now and it’s not just me that it’s happening to. I just happened to be the one who recorded it and posted it in the forum. IDK why it’s doing it though… :thinking:

The next blue Titan we have, I’ll record my hits again and see if it will show up more clearly. If Kingston’s buff is still active from a prior move, then I do Zeline’s special and then Kingston’s special, they both disappear and the Titan has no attack debuff anymore. I’m trying to clarify it as best I can so that it’s easier to see what point in the video to look at. In the video above, it’s at around 20 seconds left on the Titan’s timer, or 1minute, 10 seconds into the video.

Either way, it is indeed a glitch that needs to be looked at…

SGG staff confirmed this bug fixed in V26

See here:


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